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Ocean Park Celebrates 15th Annual Halloween Fest with Hungry Ghost Festival and Doraemon Inspired Gourmet Dishes Offering Spine-chilling and Fun-filled Halloween x The Walking Dead Retail Items


Fifteen years ago, Ocean Park opened its doors to eerie creatures and spooky ghosts who greeted and frightened guests in honour of Halloween Fest. Now halfway through the second decade of the Halloween Fest, the Park is commemorating the crystal anniversary of the Fest with the largest-ever all-day-and -night Halloween celebration.

Ocean Park guests will be lured into the spirit of Halloween in the Park by devilish yet delectable dishes throughout the Halloween Fest period, from 18 September to 1 November. In honour of the Hungry Ghost Festival, the Park’s innovative culinary team has created haunting and daunting menus featuring some of the most unnerving Chinese ghost legends. To appease the youngest of the family, the friendly Japanese character Doraemon and his friends will make an appearance on the menu—in Halloween costume, of course! Topping off the celebration is a series of Halloween-themed merchandise items in retail shops and game booths, alluring guests to bring them all home!

Hungry Ghost Mansion for the Bravest Guests
This year during Halloween Fest, Café Ocean will transform into the Hungry Ghost Mansion under the setting of a traditional Chinese Yu Lan Opera. With spirits sneaking in and out, every corner of the mansion will make guests feel the spooky atmosphere of Halloween. Stepping into the restaurant, guests can enjoy shadow puppetries by “special” friends from the underworld or take photos with one of the ghostly divas from the show. Guests will then dive into the gruesome menu at the dining table, where they are reminded to savour their last meal before making their way into the darkness.

At the Hungry Ghost Mansion, guests can savour some of the must-try underworld dishes off of the Hungry Ghost Menu. The menu starts off with an appetising Coconut flavored Jelly on a bed of Smoked Chicken Salad with Australian Prawn Cocktail, which is made of coconut-flavoured jelly “human brain” and mixed with blueberry “eyeballs”. The dish is followed by a Lemongrass Tomato Soup, which is garnished with “cut-finger” cookies to challenge diners’ courage. For the main course, guests can relish the Sustainable Seafood Fried Rice with Conpoy Sauce, which is made with a biscuits “gravestone”, parsley “grave grass”, and “spells” written with tomato sauce. The meal ends with Osmanthus Jelly with White Chocolate, which is presented with a “bloody” white chocolate palm vividly shown inside the jelly. For guests who find the meal not satisfying enough, they may enjoy an additional Halloween special drink made of Horlicks, fresh milk, grenadine and wheat germ, mimicking the appearance of soil, before making their way into the haunted town within the Park.

Café Ocean is also offering a fun-filled Halloween experience for junior guests with the Halloween Fest Kid’s Menu composed of Sweet Corn with Peach and Smoked Chiken Salad with Mayo, Spaghetti with Beef Balls in Tomato Sauce, a Mango Pudding for dessert, and a healthy Fresh Fruit Juice.

Adorable Doraemon Halloween Themed Gourmets
After taking part in Doraemon@The Halloween Movies Studio, adults and children alike can further enjoy Doraemon-themed Halloween delicacies set menus or gourmet dishes. Available in Neptune’s Restaurant and Tuxedos Restaurant, the Doraemon Halloween Set Menu features Doraemon and friends wearing new Halloween costumes. As an appetiser, popular character Nobita is featured driving a buggy made entirely of Smoked Salmon and Lobster Salad, as well as a Skewer of Baby Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Basil. Doraemon himself is dressed as a Vampire in the Bacon and Wild Mushroom Quiche, which is followed by a Spinach with Scallop Chowder. For mains, guests may choose from Braised Veal Shank in Tomato Sauce with Mashed Potato and Seasonal Vegetables or Seafood with Pumpkin Lasagne, Served with Seasonal Vegetables and Tomato Sauce. The meal ends with Suneo’s hair as dessert, which is actually a Chocolate Brownie with Fresh Fruits and Vanilla Ice Cream. There will also be a special Doraemon Halloween Kid’s Menu, presented with Doraemon in his adorable costumes.

Doraemon and friends can be spotted elsewhere in the Park during Halloween Fest, including in a number of magical tea sets at Neptune’s Restaurant, as well as and on cupcakes and cheesecakes at Aqua City Bakery.

Nick Lee, Ocean Park’s Senior Food and Beverage Operations Manager, said, “Now in the 15th year of Halloween Fest, we are continuing to design innovative dishes for our guests. Doraemon-themed dishes were a big hit when they were launched last year, so we brought Doraemon back in our dishes with a larger variety of platters. We are also excited to transform Café Ocean into the Hungry Ghost Mansion to serve a series of devilish yet delectable dishes to hungry thrill-seekers. The diversity of frightening cuisine is going to have everyone feeling the excitement of Halloween this year!” He added, “We will continue to design menus featuring both horrifying and amusing elements, with an aim to fulfilling guests’ expectations.”

Spine-chilling and Fun-filled Halloween x The Walking Dead Retail items
This year, the Park is collaborating with Fox International Channels to bring to life numerous scenes of walkers siege from FOX Channel’s popular TV series The Walking Dead at The Walking Dead: Survival. Riding on the collaboration, a series of merchandise items that are themed on the TV drama will be available for fans, including a Halloween Fest-limited The Walking Dead poster. Other than that, the endearing Doraemon will dress in his adorable Halloween costume as plush toys in other corners of the Park such as game booths, where parents and their children can indulge in interesting games and bring these toys home. This year’s collection also includes eerie glow-in-the-dark neck straps, devil-horned headbands and Halloween Fest T-shirts.

Gavin Lam, Ocean Park’s Senior Retail Operations Manager, said, “Ocean Park Halloween Fest is one of the most anticipated events for Hong Kong people with the highest Facebook “check-in” rate. That is why, this year, we are introducing a wide range of light-up accessories hoping our guests can show off their Halloween spirit. We have been bringing new elements to our retail products and developing new ideas based on different haunted attractions. We hope our guests can go home with happy Halloween memories!”

To find out more about Ocean Park Halloween Fest, please call (852) 3923-2323 or visit halloween.oceanpark.com.hk

* Set menus may be subject to 10% service charge.

* All Halloween Fest set menus, special drinks and themed cakes at Aqua Bakery will only be available on the following event dates during the Halloween Fest period from 18 September to 1 November:  18-20, 25-28 September and 1 October (charter events by corporations); 2-4, 9-11, 16-18, 21-25, 29-31 October and 1 November (open to public).

About Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2015
Marking the 15th anniversary of Asia’s largest Halloween celebration, Ocean Park is presenting the largest-ever all-day-and-night Halloween Fest with ten unique experiences at eight haunted attractions. Haunted attractions include the reservation-only H15 presented by Yahoo! Hong Kong, which offers the ultimate in fright by taking guests to a solo journey from their own funerals, decorated with their own portrait, down to the underworld; Blue Girl Beer Presents: The Walking Dead: Survival, which brings to life the horrific scenes of walkers siege from FOX Channel’s popular TV series “The Walking Dead”; and 15 Years of Horror presented by Modern Education, which brings back iconic and favourite scares from the past 14 years.

Also featured in this year’s Halloween Fest, Doraemon, Dorami, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo will meet and greet Ocean Park guests together in their new Halloween costumes for the first time, as well as to make a Halloween movie with guests at Doraemon@The Halloween Movies Studio. This year, Ocean Park will again feature transforming attractions. Guests of all ages can immerse themselves in the fun-filled park experience, highlighted by two transforming attractions, during the daytime until 5:30pm, after which the young and the brave can make their way through an eerie atmosphere featuring scary music, lighting and fog. Topping the event off is a wide range of Halloween shows to spark the Halloween spirit for guests of different ages.