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Ocean Park All-day-and-night Halloween Fest Offers Frightful Fun for a 15th Year Ultimate Haunted Attraction H15 Takes Guests on Journey of the Dead FOX Channel’s Popular Drama “The Walking Dead” Brings Walkers to Life Six Doraemon Characters in Halloween


Marking the 15th anniversary of Asia’s largest Halloween celebration, Ocean Park is presenting the largest-ever all-day-and-night Halloween Fest with ten unique experiences at eight haunted attractions. The reservation-only haunted house, H15 presented by Yahoo! Hong Kong, offers the ultimate in fright by taking guests on a solo journey while helplessly strapped to a mortuary bed lead by a “corpse bearer”, all the way from their own funerals, decorated with their own portraits, down to the underworld to face ghosts and ghouls galore from a unique vantage point.  In collaboration with Fox International Channels, the Park is bringing to life the scenes of walkers siege from FOX Channel’s popular TV drama “The Walking Dead” so guests can join the surviviors of the apocalypse to escape hordes of walkers. The Park has also brought back iconic and favourite scares from the past 14 years for guests to revisit macabre memories.

Doraemon, Dorami, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo will meet and greet Ocean Park guests together in their new Halloween costumes for the first time as well as to make a Halloween movie with guests. Also new to this year’s Halloween Fest is the Trick or Treat Pumpkin Trail, Hong Kong’s longest outdoor walk-through trick-or-treat experience. A total of 18 selected dates are available from 2 October to 1 November for the public to enjoy the all-day-and-night Halloween Fest, where guests can enjoy all the fun and scares from 10am (the Park opens at 10:30am on weekdays) to 11pm at the price of one regular ticket.

Vivian Lee, Executive Director, Sales & Marketing, said, “The 15th Halloween Fest is our largest ever. Eight event days during the period from 18 September to 1 October have already been chartered by different corporations, with confirmation made in the middle of this year, a testament to the business community’s support of Halloween Fest. We have strengthened our preparation to accommodate the ever-increasing number of guests of all ages looking for a great time, and added haunted attractions and local elements to take frightful fun to new levels. Our Halloween Fest SkeleFun VIP Tour, being offered for the first time ever, features a wealth of privileges, such as a private visit to Halloween Wardrobe and Make-up Centre, and a private Meet and Greet with the Halloween Fest Event Producers. Others privileges include direct access to the Halloween attractions, including the reservation-only H15, without the need for prior online registration, as well as discounts for in-park spending and more.”

Reservation-only Limited-admission Haunted Attraction Challenges Limits of the Senses
H14, the first-ever reservation-only limited-admission haunted attraction introduced last year, was extremely well received. Vivian added, “Last year, the initial round of reservations for H14 was fully booked within 5 minutes. This year, we aim to challenge guests against their limits of the senses with H15, offering a higher level of fright. Given the very limited capacity against expectations of an even more feverish response, fans should be prepared for the first round of online reservations starting tomorrow, and for those unable to secure timeslots yet, do stay tuned for the subsequent rounds in September.”

This year, the Park has incorporated horrifying elements familiar to Hong Kong people into H15, taking guests on a solo journey over the first seven days post-mortem. While guests could take the challenge in groups last year, visitors to H15 will be escorted by a corpse bearer on a solo journey all the way from their own funerals, decorated with their own portraits, down to the world beyond on a mortuary bed. The attraction is meticulously decorated and features a detailed set of design all along the frightful journey with 3D surround sound effects supported by Meyer Sound, the leading sound system provider, to offer guests the ultimate in fright experience throughout.

Eva Au Yeung, Ocean Park’s Events & Entertainment Director, said, “Guests will test their personal limits by being strapped to a mortuary bed throughout the 10-minute journey, with the corpse bearer having full control over their movement, from where they go, to what they see, meaning that they will be facing different scares without any possibility of escape at all.”

H15 is a reservation-only limited-admission attraction. Admission to this ultimate haunted attraction will be restricted to persons aged 16 or above, and requires online registration in advance. Registrations can be made for up to 4 people at any one time. Successful registrants will receive confirmation via email. The first round of registration will start on 28 August, while the second and third rounds will start on 4 and 10 September respectively.

Ocean Park has again invited Dr. Allan Zeman and actress Lana Wong Ha Wai to star in the viral video for H15. Dr. Zeman said, “Everyone knows I love to play different characters. This year, I played the role of the tattoo-covered ‘Zombie Boy’, fulfilling my wish to be inked without pain. It’s been fantastic working with such an experienced actress as Lana Wong.” The video can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/yValt3rHk38

Scenes of Walker Siege from “The Walking Dead” Brought to Life
Always incorporating the latest trends into Halloween Fest, Ocean Park is collaborating with Fox International Channels this year to present recreated scenes from the FOX Channel’s popular drama “The Walking Dead” at Blue Girl Beer Presents: The Walking Dead: Survival, the largest haunted attraction this year featuring greatest-ever number of scenes and the most meticulous set design. Guests will experience and escape from the familiar scenes from the TV series, including the hostile ruins of Woodbury, the prison, Terminus and more, while trying to avoid attacks by both the living and the undead.

Eva added, “We started the initial brainstorming early this year, focusing on selecting the most frightening scenes from among the five seasons of ‘The Walking Dead’ to be featured in the attraction. To ensure the replicas capture every detail presented in the iconic scenes, props and set designs strictly follow guidelines provided by their US office. Guests will definitely feel like they have entered the terrifying show themselves.”

Glorious Return of Iconic Scares for 15th Anniversary
Ocean Park’s Halloween Fest has long been recognized for its exceptional creativity, which has brought Hong Kong people countless unforgettable memories. Inside 15 Years of Horror presented by Modern Education, iconic scares and ghosts from yesteryears will be lurking around to terrorize guests once more. Inspired by the gigantic carousel from the iconic attraction Terror Park in 2010, guests will experience the déjà vu of returning to the same spot.  Other iconic sets will let guests revisit scares from the past 14 years all at once, including the haunted elevator from Estate of Horror in 2008, the Police Station No.13 in 2009, and the grisly wedding from Chinese Wedding of the Departed in 2012. In light of the popularity of Miss Luna Midnyte (2006) and Lady Gwai Gwai (2010) among the public, these characters will come back in new looks to take guests on a walk down the path of macabre memories.

Transforming Attractions Bring Scares and Challenges with Inflatable Obstacle Trails
This year’s Halloween Fest will again feature transforming attractions. Guests of all ages can immerse themselves in the fun-filled park experience during the daytime until 5:30pm, after which the young and the brave can make their way through an eerie atmosphere featuring scary music, lighting and fog. This year’s transforming attractions will be highlighted by the brand new format of an inflatable obstacle course, offering guests different exhilarating experiences depending on whether they are visiting during daytime or at night. On their visit to Toxic Challenge in the daytime, guests can challenge their buddies by overcoming a booby-trapped inflatable course. At 5:30pm on event days, monsters will enter the attraction to transform the place into Mutant Escape, where guests have to run from the clutches of terrifying monsters and poisonous fog.

A second transforming attraction is the Lolita Mansion presented by ASUS ZenFone, a gothic architecture where the cute and sweet girls will take selfies with guests under the grand yet fun-filled setting during the day and guests may download the photos from specific platforms. In the evening, the attraction will transform into Bloodborne Mansion, as the dreamy atmosphere turns gruesome, the adorable girls reveal their devilish nature, thirsting for blood from guests to sustain their eternal youth. Another extreme screams attraction, Puppet Master’s Deadly Workshop, is themed on an aging puppet master and his workshop, where his creations were brought to life and transformed into horrible murderous machines.

Doraemon & Friends Showcase New Halloween Looks
Doraemon, Dorami, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo to meet guests in their brand new Halloween costumes, at Whiskers Harbour, where both kids and parents can take part in the production of a Halloween movie at Doraemon@The Halloween Movies Studio.

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Trail is the Park’s first-ever, as well as Hong Kong’s longest outdoor walk-through trick-or-treat experience, featuring different spooky-themed zones. Guests of all ages will be rewarded with Chupa Chups, Mentos candies, Tim Tam chocolate biscuits and souvenirs after completing various missions along the trail. The spooky performers are ready to fill guests’ goodie bags with an unlimited supply of treats! Guests can also take photos with a variety of spooky characters including comic Frankenstein, vampires and mummies.

Kids are encouraged to take part in the Kid’s Halloween Catwalk presented by Bossini on designated Sundays at Whiskers Theatre, where they can showcase their most eye-catching costumes and face painting to compete for prizes worth more than HK$1,000.

Popular Freaky Shows Feature New Surprises
Ghosts and ghouls will be competing at Hellympics at the Applause Pavilion for an ultimate prize – a One Day Pass to the human world. There will be jaw-dropping performances featuring local parody, hit songs and stunt acts, as the ghost and devils make their way through a gauntlet of surprising sports game. Ocean Park is also introducing a 3D photo opportunity for the first time, where mirrors are used to create an eerie atmosphere and performers might suddenly jump out from behind different curiosities to catch guests off guard.

Save Queuing Time with Schedule Pass App
To provide guests with added convenience and flexibility in planning their itinerary, Ocean Park is again offering the Halloween Fest Schedule Pass on its smartphone application for making advance reservation to visit attractions. By inputting basic information through the app on the same day of visit, guests can schedule visitation times for four attractions for up to five participants. The four attractions covered by the app include: 15 Years of Horror, Toxic Challenge / Mutant Escape, Lolita Mansion/ Bloodborne Mansion and Puppet Master’s Deadly Workshop. Only a limited number of Schedule Passes are available on each event day on a first-come-first-served basis.