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Ocean Park Showcases Exotic Outback Charm in Hong Kong Flower Show 2015 To Celebrate Opening of “Adventures in Australia” Presented by ANZ and Promote the Concept of LOHAS


The annual Hong Kong Flower Show 2015 officially kicked off yesterday at Victoria Park. Having participated in the event for the 15th consecutive year, Ocean Park exhibits a flower display with a theme that references the Park’s latest attraction, "Adventures in Australia" presented by ANZ, that will open on 24th March 2015 at this year’s event. The flower display showcases a garden that brings together the exotic outback charm and eco-friendly elements of Australia, and has been awarded with Gold Award for Unique Feature.

Riding on the concept of Outback charm and using the three southern koalas at Ocean Park as a blueprint, the garden welcomes visitors with an adorable koala-shaped topiary amid the eucalyptus bushes and gives them an opportunity to feel nature’s beauty with the colourful Oncidiums and various plants which add vibrancy to the garden.

To promote the native Australian’s philosophy of Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS), and to encourage people to cherish resources on Earth for a sustainable future, the Park’s landscaping team used different recyclable materials, such as pallets and pinecones, to create unique floral decorations. Windmills and solar panels are also displayed in the garden to demonstrate how native Australians make use of wind energy to operate facilities used to extract underground water for farm animals, and the effective use of solar panels and water heaters to help reduce carbon emissions generated from burning fossil fuel for electricity. The Park also reused the koala and red-necked wallaby decorations from its Chinese New Year parade float in order to add a touch of South Australia’s Indigenous art to the garden and promote recycling.

Mr. Todd Hougland, Ocean Park’s Executive Director for Operations and Entertainment, said, "We are very pleased to be awarded with the Gold Award again this year. Our display this year reflects the professionalism and creativity of the landscaping team as well as the Park's commitment in environmental and nature conservation. With our koala-shaped topiary celebrating the opening of "Adventures in Australia", and through demonstrating ways to recycle and reduce energy consumption, we hope visitors will be receptive to Ocean Park’s efforts in promoting a Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS)!"