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Ocean Park Returns Six Chinese Sturgeons, As Originally Agreed, to Mainland China Today In Support of Chinese Sturgeon Research and Conservation Efforts


Ocean Park today returned six sturgeons to Mainland China with hope of contributing to the on-going Chinese sturgeon research and conservation efforts.

The six sturgeons are part of a group of ten captive bred Chinese sturgeons, which arrived in Ocean Park in 23 April 2010.  Under a previous agreement with the National Aquatic Wildlife Conservation Association (NAWCA), sturgeons raised at the Park would be returned to the Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute for a release programme, after they have grown to the requisite size. The six sturgeons returning to the Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute today would participate in the research and conservation programme as a continuation of the long-term research in understanding the species’ growth rate and life history. As part of the programme, they would potentially be tagged and released into the wild.

Suzanne Gendron, Executive Director of Zoological Operations and Education, said, “We are pleased that these sturgeons raised at the Park can be a part of NAWCA’s research and conservation programme. Since their arrival in 2010, they have taken up the role as conservation ambassadors to educate and inspire our guests towards understanding and protecting this precious species and freshwater wildlife resources. We have been, and will continue to provide the best possible care to the Chinese sturgeons at our facility, and share our knowledge and findings acquired through the husbandry and display of this species with other facilities with hope of contributing to the sustainablity and growth of its population.”

There are still 14 Chinese sturgeons residing at the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium and back of house area, they will also be returned to Mainland China when they reach the requisite size.