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Ocean Park Thanks Dr. the Honourable Allan Zeman for Leadership over Past 11 Years and Welcomes Appointment of Mr. Leo Kung as New Chairman


Ocean Park would like to thank Dr. the Honourable Allan Zeman, GBM, GBS, JP for his unfailing leadership and service as Chairman of the Board over the past 11 years, a period marked by Ocean Park’s transformation into a world-class theme park brand, while annual attendance more than doubled to well over 7.7 million guests. The Park also welcomes the appointment of Mr. Leo Kung Lin-cheng, BBS, JP, who has served as Deputy Chairman since 2009, as the new Chairman of the Board. Having chaired the Investment Sub-Committee, the Audit Committee and the Development & Tender Committee, Mr. Kung has contributed significantly to the redevelopment and financial direction of the Park. Mr. Lau Ming-wai, BBS JP, a member of the Board since 2008, will fill Mr. Kung’s former position as Deputy Chairman. As suggested by the incoming Chairman, the Board will be invited to consider an arrangement whereby Dr. Zeman would continue his service to the Park as an Honorary Advisor of the Steering Group on the Tai Shue Wan waterpark project.

Ocean Park would also like to thank Mr. Andrew Leung Chi-kwan, JP, who is retiring from the Board of Directors, for his service over the years, and welcome Mr. Daryl Ng Win-kong, and Mr. Jason Wong Chun-tat as newly appointed members of the Board.

Since 2003, Dr. Zeman spearheaded and oversaw the completion of Ocean Park’s 6-year, 8-phase, HK$5.55 billion Master Redevelopment Plan (MRP), which featured multiple themed areas and a funicular train system, and brought to Hong Kong Asia’s first Applause Award – the highest international accolade in the theme park industry. During his chairmanship, the Park was recognized for demonstrating the highest standards in animal care by becoming the first zoological facility outside North America to be accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) in 2003 and gaining accreditation for three 5-year terms to date.
Beyond his enormous contribution to Hong Kong’s tourism industry, Dr. Zeman also served as a trustee of the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong and helped nurture future generations of conservationists by personally sponsoring the Foundation’s University Student Sponsorship Programme.

Dr. Zeman said, “Being able to serve Hong Kong people and Ocean Park is the proudest and happiest part of my tenure as Chairman of Ocean Park. Over the past 11 years, I was blessed with a team of driven staff and a farsighted management team, working side by side to overcome many challenges along our transformation into an iconic international travel destination.”

Mr. Tom Mehrmann, Chief Executive of Ocean Park, said, “Through his humour, passion, creativity and commitment to excellence, Dr. Zeman has helped take Ocean Park and Hong Kong to ever higher levels of achievement. He was also widely recognized for his good nature and humility by donning elaborate costumes to support the launch of new attractions and the Park’s annual events, making him an indelible icon in Ocean Park’s history.”

Mr. Mehrmann added, “Despite his hectic business commitments, Dr. Zeman always places Ocean Park at the highest priority, tirelessly volunteering his time and service for the Park and Hong Kong’s tourism industry. Under his leadership, Ocean Park has strengthened its unique positioning in combining theme park entertainment and conservation advocacy, as well as a community asset for family recreation. On behalf of the Ocean Park family, I would like to thank Dr. Zeman for leading the Park in achieving one record after another and offering a platform for over 2,000 staff members to showcase their talents and contribute to Hong Kong as well as the industry. To everyone at the Park, Dr. Zeman will always be a model of optimism, cheerfulness and dedication. The appointment of Mr. Kung as Chairman ensures the continuity of vision and purpose in the long term success of Ocean Park as a pillar of tourism and a community asset for Hong Kong. We look forward to working closely with Mr. Kung in his new role.”

Dr. Zeman said, “I have enjoyed tremendous support from all sides since I joined Ocean Park’s Board 11 years ago. My heartfelt gratitude goes to the Government of HKSAR, the tourism industry, Southern District Council and friends in the media for their trust and support over the years. Also deserving my thanks are former and current Board members, who all contributed their expertise and energy in the service of our shared vision and mission, which will endure going forward.”
Dr. Zeman added, “I have always treasured Mr. Kung’s counsel while serving together on Ocean Park’s Board, and have every confidence that his exceptional vision and knowledge will enable him to take the Park through a new era in its ongoing growth and evolution. I’ll continue to offer my support to Mr. Kung and the Board in any capacity I can to ensure Ocean Park will derive further success from the hotel and waterpark projects already underway.”

Mr. Kung said, “I am honoured to be assuming the role of Chairman of Ocean Park. Since Dr. Zeman and I have worked closely together, I have come to appreciate his leadership, creativity and dedication in spearheading and completing the visionary MRP, which has bolstered the tourism appeal of Hong Kong. We would very much welcome having Dr. Zeman continue his service to the Park in an advisory capacity so we can keep benefiting from his insights and connections as Ocean Park pushes ahead with the new round of development being undertaken. We will eagerly anticipate and work hard on the continuing transformation of Ocean Park into a world-class premier resort destination.”

Mr. Kung currently serves as Executive Vice President of Bangkok Bank Public Co., Ltd and Director of Bangkok bank (China) Co., Ltd. He is also active in public service. Among his many roles are: Board Member of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority; Member of the Hong Kong Housing Authority; Board Member and Vice Patron of The Community Chest of Hong Kong; Director of Helping Hand and Convenor of the Trustees of the Helping Hand Charitable Trust; Trustee of The Queen Mary Hospital Charity Trust, and Steering Committee Member for the Caring Company Scheme of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.
Mr. Lau Ming-wai has served as a Board Member of the Ocean Park Corporation since 2008. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd. His public service roles include: Co-opted Member of Community Care Fund Task Force and Societal Engagement Task Force under Commission on Poverty; Council Member of City University of Hong Kong; Member of Financial Infrastructure Sub-Committee of the Exchange Fund Advisory Committee.