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Ocean Park Young Explorers Club Introduces Creative Communication & Drama Play in the New School Year


All-new English drama programme enhances children's communication skills and expressiveness

Ocean Park’s Young Explorers Club (YEC) collaborates with the renowned Australian Helen O’Grady Drama Academy to bring a brand new Creative Communication and Drama Play experience to the Park for children aged between three and six.
Available in three semesters with ten classes each, the programme is a first-of-its-kind at the Park customised for children to learn about various animals and their characteristics through Ocean Park’s unique natural environment and entertainment resources, while sharpening their communication skills through drama and teamwork guided by professional instructors. At the end of each semester, participants will put on a short animal-themed finale performance and showcase what they have learnt to their parents.
The new YEC Creative Communication & Drama Play programme not only empowers children to discover the thrill of learning outside the traditional classroom setting, it also inspires children to fire their imagination and creativity through drama play. Children will learn to better express their emotions and ideas through theatre and communication techniques, such as body language, facial expressions, breathing, pronunciation and tone imitation, as well as physical and impromptu exercises. By communicating and coordinating with fellow participants in the process, children can also boost their self-confidence, enhance communication skills and improve teamwork skills.
Each semester of the Creative Communication & Drama Play programme comes in a special theme – Marine Adventures, Rainforest Rangers and Asian Treasures. The first theme will familiarise participants with biodiversity and the world of marine life. The second aims to enhance understanding of animals in the rainforest through close observations, while the third focuses on endangered animals including the Chinese alligator, red panda, Asian small-clawed otter, golden monkey, giant Chinese salamander and giant panda, as well as human impact on wildlife. By helping children get a better grasp of the difficulties faced by animals, all activities seek to enhance children’s observational skills, inspire them to think about how to protect animals and nature, and express their ideas through drama performances.
The YEC Creative Communication & Drama Play programme will run from September 2019 through June 2020. Children may enrol on an annual basis at the beginning of the new school year, or join by semester based on their individual learning habits and progress. Ocean Park SmartFun members can enjoy exclusive discounts. Non-members will also enjoy an early bird discount before 20 August 2019.
Programme Overview:
Date September 2019 to June 2020 (excluding December)
10 classes per semester, with the 10th class as the finale showcase
Semesters start in September, January and April
Class Duration 90 minutes
Capacity 24 children per class
Language The programme will be conducted in English. Some activities will be led by our experienced local educators in Cantonese.
(per semester)
SmartFun Annual Pass members
(Enrolment from 4:00pm on 30 July 2019)
Early bird discount for non-SmartFun Annual Pass members
(Enrolment from 4:00pm on 1 August 2019 to
3:59pm on 20 August 2019)
Non-SmartFun Annual Pass members
(Enrolment from 4:00pm on 20 August 2019)