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Ocean Park Promotes Water-saving Gardening through Terraria Giant Seahorse Sculpture to Arouse Public Awareness towards the Over-Exploitation of Seahorses


Ocean Park continues to participate in the annual “Hong Kong Flower Show” held at Victoria Park for the 14th consecutive year, and has won the “Award for Unique Features (Landscape Display) – Gold Award”. This year’s theme flower is the kalanchoe, a succulent plant with thickened leaves to reduce moisture loss. The Park’s display features a giant seahorse inside a beautiful underwater coral reef habitat, arranged from different flora and fauna. The partially enclosed cavity design of the terraria maintains a mini-water cycle and effectively reduces the amount of water needed for growing plants, echoing the concept of sustainability and environmental protection, as well as promoting the Park’s “Blue Matters – Promoting a Debris Free Ocean” campaign on marine conservation.

Using kalanchoe, cactuses and other ornamental plants such as the Million Hearts, Crown of Thorns and Resurrection Fern, the Park’s landscaping team has beautifully arranged the flowers to recreate the underwater landscape with fishes and coral reefs, and a gigantic elegant seahorse sculpture in the middle. Through this display, Ocean Park hopes to arouse public awareness about the threats faced by seahorses that are being heavily exploited and traded as traditional medicine. Visitors are encouraged to choose herbal medicines or other therapeutics as alternatives to using seahorses, in order to protect this specie from constant threats of becoming extinct.    

“Thanks to the effort of our landscaping team in creating this ‘Eco-garden beneath the waves’ display which leverages on the distinct characteristics of the kalachoe, and at the same time, brings out the key message of our 3-year long “Blue Matters” campaign, which is to protect and love our ocean”, said Mr. Todd Hougland, Ocean Park’s Executive Director for Operations and Entertainment.