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Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Marketing Contest 2021

Introduction and Content:

Acropora Corals, Green Turtle and Golden Birdwing are three local signature species with high ecological value. To raise public awareness, Ocean Park is excited to launch this marketing contest to engage young adults with innovative ideas and passions for promoting these species’ conservation messages.

Eight teams will be recruited to assist in Ocean Park’s brand-new animal conservation project – Conservation Chill Club. During the programme period, teams are required to unleash their creativity to take on two challenging missions. The winning team in each mission will receive fabulous prizes and unique exposure. This programme is supported by the Tourism Commission. Field visits are implemented by Outdoor Discovery (License No. : 352928).

During the contest, teams can:
  • Attend a sharing session with the Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for Conservation Chill Club, to learn latest marketing strategies, personal branding development and promotion skills
  • Discover personal and team strengths to put innovative ideas into practice
  • Explore back of house area of Ocean Park and understand its education and conservation effort
  • Join a free Ocean Park “Get Closer to Animals” Programme
  • The creation of winning teams will be used as Ocean Park’s promotion materials

Mission Details:

Mission 1 Mission 2
Participating teams need to prepare social media output, including but not limited to video and media feeds, to promote a series of activities for the public and visitors organised during the Conservation Chill Club programme. After reviewing, they will also be shared on Ocean Park’s official channels. Each participating team will randomly draw one of Acropora Corals, Green Turtle and Golden Birdwing, and film a micro-movie to promote that species in a lively and interesting way.

(For any video production, please submit the storyboard for content review by Ocean Park before implementing the filming work.)

Schedule of the Contest:

Date Event Content
01 September 2020 Start of enrolment
02 October 2020 End of enrolment
09 to 11 October 2020 Team Interview
Mid-October 2020 to Late-November 2020 (Weekends and public holiday)
  • 1st Training: Briefing session, DISC personality assessment workshop and Ocean Park familiarisation visit
  • 2nd Training: Sharing session with KOL on digital marketing
  • 3rd Training: Getting to know the 3 local signature species
December 2020 to March 2021 Missions in progress
On or before 31 March 2021 Missions complete
April 2021 (To be confirmed) Conservation Carnival cum Award Ceremony


  • 3 to 6 people in a team, with a captain
  • Aged between 17 to 29
  • All team members must attend the interview session
    (you may select your preferred time slot in the application form)
  • All energetic and adventurous young adults with innovative ideas are welcome


8 teams


Free of charge


Please prepare the items below and complete the online entry form by 02 October 2020:

  • A one-minute self-introduction video of the team
  • A charming personal photo of each team member
  • A brief description of the team and team members