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Ocean Park Celebrates 35 Years of Excitement” Float Wishing the people of Hong Kong a Prosperous Year as Presented by our Iconic Attractions


(Hong Kong – 12 January 2012) The home-grown theme park giant, Ocean Park, is celebrating its 35th birthday this year! As Hong Kong People’s Park, such a joyful celebration must not end with Park visitors but be extended to everyone else in Hong Kong. To start off our line-up of celebration in the year of the Dragon, we are participating once again in the parade by presenting our “Ocean Park Celebrates 35 Years of Excitement” float at the Cathy Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade hosted by the Hong Kong Tourism Board on 23 January 2012. Come see our majestic float to celebrate the auspicious New Year!

The dynamic float showcases many new, fun and exciting elements offered by Ocean Park. Not only will you find our signature animals such as dolphin, harbor seal, the giant panda Ying Ying and Le Le on the awe-inspiring float, but you will also be greeted by our penguins, one of the iconic animals to be introduced in the upcoming new themed area “Polar Adventure”.  Hair Raiser, the new floorless rollercoaster in Thrill Mountain, will also be an iconic element on the flow featuring its dynamic loops and turns, wishing the people of Hong Kong a lucky and prosperous Year of the Dragon.

True to the Park’s commitment to environmental conservation, the float is constructed using energy-saving LEDs, thereby reducing electricity consumption and lowering carbon dioxide emission as compared to using normal light bulbs.

On the night of the parade, performers dressed as cute birthday cakes together with our endearing mascots – Whiskers and Redd, will dazzle and entertain Hong Kong people with a fantastic spectacle.

 Photo Caption: “Ocean Park Celebrates 35 Years of Excitement” Float
Photo Caption: “Ocean Park Celebrates 35 Years of Excitement” Float