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Ocean Park Animal Ambassadors Celebrate Christmas


“Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!” Ocean Park and our animal ambassadors are missing all the visitors, as the Park will be temporarily closed this holiday season. We would like to take this opportunity to send our best festive wishes to our beloved visitors.
Thanks to the Park’s animal caretakers, our adorable animal ambassadors also get to celebrate Christmas in special ways – with an array of festive decorations and enrichment items!

Our meerkat families received some perfect party delights, including Christmas socks and colourful ornaments, for their first Christmas at Ocean Park.  To add to the festive vibes, our animal caretakers have also specially prepared an extra-large Christmas present for them to unbox and find out what’s inside. With their inquisitive and playful nature, the meerkats soon figured out how to unwrap the gift and had loads of fun with the colourful balls that popped out, frolicking with their new toys and each other.

For our Arctic fox family, their caretaker team laid colourful ice cube ornaments and snacks all over their home. This would play to the foxes’ natural instincts to forage and explore, while giving them special Christmas treats too.

This Christmas, members of our Arctic fox family, Gochi, Mochi, and their daughters, Trinity, Circle and Siu Go, want to pass on a special message to their fans. Their habitat in the wild is shrinking, along with their natural prey, as a result of human activities. They are encouraging everyone to take small steps in changing the environmentally unfriendly habits in their daily lives to implement low-carbon lifestyle, such as turning off unnecessary lights, as a big step towards protecting the planet shared by humans and animals.