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Enjoy a Festive Easter Holidays by Indulging Yourself and Your Family with a Tea Buffet at the Neptune’s Restaurant – the city’s one and only restaurant built in an aquarium setting


(Hong Kong – 9 March 2012)To celebrate the arrival of Le Le and Hu Hu, the two golden monkeys listed as a Grade 1 National Key Protected Species in China, Ocean Park is offering its first-ever tea buffet themed after the Monkey King’s Cave of Mystery and a series of festive programmes based on the golden monkeys during the upcoming Easter holidays.

While treating yourself to enticing pastries and cakes in front of an unparalleled scene of one of the world’s largest aquarium viewing panel and marveling at hundreds of valuable species in the state-of-the-art Grand Aquarium, one thing that you cannot afford missing is the daily feeding demonstration in the aquarium.
The tea buffer served in Neptune’s Restaurant features close to 20 delicacies made with fresh fruits, which includes DIY Easter Chocolate Eggs, DIY Fresh Fruit Pancakes, DIY Fresh Fruit Tarts, Strawberry Chicken Wings, Roast Banana Feuilletage and a White Chocolate Fountain. Kids and parents can have fun making their own pancake, tart or Easter chocolate egg with loads of fresh fruit and ingredients served in the buffet.

During the Animal Month in High Definition during Easter, you can not only visit the two precious golden monkeys, but also trace the footsteps of other precious animals by visiting the giant pandas, red pandas, Chinese alligators and Chinese giant salamanders in the National Treasure Trail. While marveling at these amazing national treasures, don’t forget to collect stamps at each stop of your journey to learn special information about these rare animals.

Furthermore, you can participate in an array of Easter-themed activities, such as the “Monkey Madness”, which will be an energetic parkour performance at Waterfront Plaza, and the “Sichuan Animals - Masters of the Mask” which is an astounding face-changing show. At the “Playful Animals Academy”, kids and parents can have a wonderful experience of making paper fans featuring Ocean Park animals such as the golden monkey, giant panda and red panda.