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Ocean Park Celebrates Births of the Third Hong Kong Born Golden Snub-nosed Monkey and 24 New Penguin Chicks


Ocean Park is excited to announce the births of the third locally-bred golden snub-nosed monkey and 24 adorable penguin babies in the past few months.
The little penguins are now ready to greet their fans at South Pole Spectacular. See if you are lucky enough to spot them! To allow time for the newborn golden monkey baby to nurse well and bond with its mother, the golden monkey habitat in Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures is temporarily closed and fans will just need to wait a bit longer before being able to meet the little monkey. This temporary closure of the monkey’s habitat will also enable the animal caretaker team to conduct post-birth husbandry care for the infant and mother. Guests may still visit the giant panda habitat at Sichuan Treasures.
Having the same birthday month as its mother Le Le and elder brother Little Peanut, the third Hong Kong born male golden monkey, named Yellow Bean, joined the Park’s big family on 7 March. The name takes after his golden brown and yellow fur colour, while ‘bean’ signifies a new beginning of life upon seeding. The Park hopes the newborn will grow healthily in the loving family. With previous experiences in welcoming newborns, Le Le is more skilful in nursing Yellow Bean this time, while father Qi Qi looks after Little Peanut who is delighted to meet his sibling.
The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department and Department of Forestry of Sichuan Province have been notified of the birth. The Park will continue to update the public on the status of the golden monkey baby as information becomes available.
On the other side of the Park, happiness has been continuously filling every corner of South Pole Spectacular as 24 lovable penguin chicks have hatched since last November, including two king penguins, one southern rockhopper penguin and 21 gentoo penguins. The Park’s animal caretaker team have had their hands full this breeding season, focusing on caring for the babies to ensure good health and development so they can join the rest of the family.