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Ocean Park Presents Floraland


A limited-time Butterfly-themed Garden

Ocean Park is decked out with extraordinary butterfly-themed flower presentations Floraland from 17 April to 30 May. Featuring over 50 different plant groups, nearly 800 colourful potted plants and five magnificent butterfly-shaped floral arrangements that integrate with the natural environment of the Park, the seasonal floral haven ensures magnificent colourful photo moments for visitors to enjoy.
Ocean Park collaborates with local floristry brand GINGERMITE to orchestrate the unique flower islands at Floraland. With prior experience in design and fashion the mother-son team, Ginger and Mite, skilfully created some one-of-a-kind floral and foliage art pieces in the Waterfront Plaza, including splendid gardens, flower walls, flower archways and gigantic flower trees.
The European-style flower garden Floraland is divided into six different beautiful islands, each with a unique theme and colour for visitors to take Instagrammable photos with their family and friends.
Yellow Island The cheerful Yellow Island showcases immortelle, a rare species hardly found in Hong Kong. It features a long-lasting luminous yellow colour with vitality.
Pink Island The romantic Pink Island is made of an abundance of roses of different species with a hint of pink hydrangea, creating an enchanting rose garden.
Purple Island The lavender arrangement at the Purple Island reminds visitors of the beautiful lavender fields in Provence – Close your eyes, relish the amazing scents, and take your mind off daily stresses!
Green & White Island Delicate Cape Jasmine elevated the Green & White Island into a garden of elegance and class.
Magenta Island The Magenta Island presents Hong Kong’s beloved flowers – bougainvillea, kalanchoe and rhododendron with a twist.
Blue Island The Blue Island features the blue butterfly bush that resembles a butterfly in flight with other equally elegant flowers such as blue sage and hydrangea – truly a feast for the eyes.
Remarks: Varieties of flowers will be changed due to weather or seasonal factors from time to time without prior notice.
Explore and Discover Local Species at the New Eco Trail
Apart from the unique colours and rare species at Floraland, visitors can also head over to Eco Trail, the new attraction at Ocean Park, to explore other plants and wildlife. Featuring over 110 species of butterflies, Eco Trail allows adults and kids to learn about local species through a wide range of interactive and fun edutaining facilities.
In addition, the Park also invites visitors to download the mobile app, iNaturalist, and become “citizen scientists” by exploring and sharing their observations at Floraland and Eco Trail. Visitors can identify and take photos of plants and animals, upload them onto iNaturalist, the largest nature data-sharing platform in the world, and connect with a community of over a million naturalists.
The Park has also invited several environmental groups, including Environmental Association, Environmental Recycle Center and ISA Hong Kong Chapter, to introduce their work on local conservation and share information on how to protect the natural environment. New butterfly and marine life topiaries are also on display for discovery and enjoyment.