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Over 500 Students Participate in Ocean Park Rainforest X Siu Hak Conservation Drawing and Comic Design Competition To Promote Rainforest Conservation Honourable Judges Siu Hak and C Allstar Select Winning Works


(16th October, 2011)  To continue building on the success of the Rainforest which opened in June, Ocean Park launched a Conservation Drawing and Comic Design Competition this summer in collaboration with celebrity illustrator Siu Hak and canto-pop group C-All Star. It aimed to encourage children and teenagers aged 4 to 15 to contribute to the conservation of rainforests, maximizing their creative ideas to express these important messages.  The award ceremony was held at Whiskers Theatre today, with a total of 24 awards presented to 8 students from the junior, intermediate and senior groups respectively.

The Competition attracted more than 500 entries from different kindergarten, primary school and secondary school students in Hong Kong. Mr. Tom Mehrmann, Chief Executive of Ocean Park, said, “It was an honour, as well as a challenge, to be a judge for the Competition, as each of the entries stood on its own as a unique, creative and important example of conservation messaging. I hope more people can learn about the threats faced by rainforest animals and their habitats and join hands to help in their conservation.”

The Competition was divided into the junior group (aged 4 to 7), the intermediate group (aged 8 to 11) and the senior group (aged 12 to 15). Well-known local illustrator Siu Hak, one of the judges, had earlier in the year designed four unique animal characters for the Rainforest at Ocean Park, including the capybara, pygmy marmoset, kinkajou and toco toucan. With the use of these characters, participants were asked to illustrate 4-box comic strips or design unique rainforest homes to convey the message of rainforest conservation. Prof. Yvonne Sadovy from the School of Biological Sciences, University of Hong Kong, also one of the judges, was very impressed by the artwork from the students.  She remarked,  “The winning works were exceptional and they took an original and intriguing approach to convey the deep connections between mankind and rainforests, while making people understand the negative implications if these valuable rainforests were lost, as they play an important role in our ecosystems.”

Kirsten Lee, the champion of the junior group, is 4 years old and she studies at St. Catherine’s International Kindergarten. She printed images of a tree using her own palm prints to show that we can protect nature together by joining hands (see image 1). Lai Cheong Hang from CCC Kei Tsz Primary School, aged 11, is the champion of the intermediate group.  C Allstar, a Canto-pop group, also serving as a judge, admired Lai’s artwork. They said, “With great drawing techniques, the artwork carries a very strong message of environmental conservation that encourages the future generations to put words into action (see image 2).” Lastly, the champion award of the senior group goes to Yeung Hoi Yan, aged 12, from Pui Ching Middle School. Siu Hak was deeply impressed by her creativity and said, “She thinks out of the box. She used abstract imagery to convey the message of conservation very effectively (see image 3)”. Guests can also view the award-winning works exhibited at the Expedition Trail of the Rainforest beginning today thru October 31, 2011.

Being an integral part of the Ocean Park edutainment experience envisaged in the HK$5.55 billion Master Redevelopment Plan (MRP), the Rainforest is the first theme zone integrating a thrilling water ride together with walk-through rainforest exhibit in Southeast Asia. Over 70 different animal species are exhibited in the Expedition Trail at the Rainforest. Guests can also encounter these Amazon species from a wildly different perspective—while onboard a raft rushing along the Rapids, the Park’s latest family water ride.

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