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Ocean Park Launches New Technology Experience Hub to Engage Kids in Immersive Learning


A Transformed Whiskers Harbour Brings Endless Fun this Summer

A brand-new interactive multimedia attraction – Explorer R – will soon make its debut at Ocean Park’s Whiskers Harbour. Harnessing technology for learning, the attraction features a stimulating mix of virtual games and interactive fun play for kids aged three to nine to experiment for themselves how animals adapt to their changing environments.
Calling Young Crew Members to Join Redd’s Nature Journey
Infinite fun begins when Chief Engineer Redd greets his young crew members onboard the Explorer R ‘vessel’ as Nature Guardians. Kids will first have a full body scan to create their own personalised avatars, which will be used to lead their AI SuperAnimals while they embark on their virtual experiential journey.
Throughout the journey, kids will put on their ‘scientific-thinking hats’ by participating in various experiments intertwined with virtual and physical elements.
The little crew members will unleash their imagination by designing their own AI SuperAnimals with over 4,400 body combinations. They will also be encouraged to ‘think, try and modify’ as they see how their AI SuperAnimals perform in the simulation habitat and discover how different body parts help wildlife survive in some of nature’s most exotic environments!

Adventure Extending Beyond Explorer R
The exploration does not just end here – Nature Guardians will be able to take home, nurture and train their AI SuperAnimals with the Explorer R mobile app. They can even see how their AI SuperAnimals upgrade and perform better when they visit Explorer R again!
To further extend little crew members’ learning from Explorer R and enable them some quality time to learn with parents, two Explorer R workshops, Camouflage Kids! and Ninja in Nature, will guide two to five-year-olds to explore how animals hide from predators using camouflage to blend into the surroundings through technology-infused games. For children aged six to 11, they are invited to join Sea Land Expedition Summer Adventure  which is a tailor-made adventurous journey through animal observation and exploration activities. The half-day programme will also feature digital coding activity for the first time ever, igniting children’s endless creativity.
Exploring More of Nature’s Wonders this Summer
Stepping out from Explorer R, kids will be surrounded by even more fun in Whiskers Harbour as Ocean Park plays host to a new array of limited-time experiences at this nature playground. Highlights include:
  • Upsized Planet will supersize some of nature’s most fascinating species including butterflies, frogs, plants and more. The mesmerising display will provide perfect photo moments for everyone to share on Instagram!
  • Explorer Stops are new child-inspired nature playscape motivating kids to learn actively. The games not only empower kids to discover the secret of nature, but also stimulate their creative play instincts.
  • Whiskers Harbour Maker Workshops headed by our beloved Whiskers Village Team will inspire kids about upcycling with four specially designed workshops.
Ready to start the exploration with your kids?
Simply reserve your Explorer R experience package at HK$120 for visits starting 30 June (valid for one child and one accompanying adult, Park admission tickets excluded).
Kids and parents can also get themselves familiar with the Redd and the Nature Guardians storybook online at the Park’s teaching resources web page, and grab a Nature Guardians Exploration log at a fee at Ocean Park Waterfront Gifts and Panda Kingdom Shop this summer!
Explorer R and Explorer R workshops are supported by the Tourism Commission.