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Ocean Park Sweetheart CNY Holidays Presents “Emperors of the Sky” featuring precious birds of prey, their first-ever appearance in Hong Kong


The Double Happiness Garden, House of Loving Kindness, Giant Gold Tiger and countless auspicious adventures all gather to bless everyone in Hong Kong an enchanting year of the Tiger!

(14 January 2010, Hong Kong) With the Lunar New Year of the tiger fast approaching, Ocean Park is ready to roar! From 13 to 28 February, Ocean Park Sweetheart CNY Holidays presents a gathering of exciting New Year enjoyments with close to 100 non-stop experiences, including over 50 celebratory attractions and existing 45 perennial favourites. Guests can make sweet blessings at The Double Happiness Garden and House of Loving Kindness; catch the shimmering fortune of the Giant Gold Tiger; prance away with the Musical Ladies of Prosperity and learn the important conservation message conveyed at the Bird Theatre this year with “Emperors of the Sky”. With 68 special dining concepts, 88 tiger-themed gift ideas and prizes at the game stalls, the Park’s blessings seem to be never ending!

First and foremost, Ocean Park Sweetheart CNY Holidays introduces its most significant programme at the newly refurbished Bird Theatre – “Emperors of the Sky”. In continuance of raising awareness towards conservation, Ocean Park has invited four of its birds of prey, namely the Steppes Eagle, Lanner Falcon, Striated Caracara and the Turkey Vulture to make a special appearance to convey their vital role in the nature’s ecological balance and send Tiger Year greetings to the people of Hong Kong.

A distinguished bird expert from Singapore, Soon, brings to the Park his advanced skills in training and taking care of birds of prey and comments, “The importance of birds of prey in the eco-system is constantly underestimated. Their diets comprise mainly of meat and this is very crucial to the balance of the food chain. They also help guard crops from smaller birds, as well as other pests and reduce potential damage. For example, the Turkey Vulture being introduced today plays an important role in nature’s ecology as its ‘natural recycler’ since its main diet is carrion.”

Senior Curator of Terrestrial Life Science, Howard Chuk, states, “Ocean Park has always been committed to raising awareness towards conservation and environmental protection. With today’s rapid developments and deforestation, many birds of prey and animals are losing their homes, posing a threat not only to their natural habitats but also their existence, directly affecting the ecological balance. In light of such an imminent cause, the Park specially invites four birds of prey to be their own best ambassadors to advocate for this crucial conservation message. The Park is also privileged to have Soon, a distinguished bird trainer from Singapore, to join the entire team to exchange insights and knowledge.”  

The first day of this Lunar New Year perfectly coincides with Valentine’s Day. Ocean Park sets the tone for lovers with charming attractions and love-inspiring activities, ensuring guests an enchantingly festive holiday. The Double Happiness Garden makes a romantic spot to combine the two joyous occasions, welcoming guests to wish for fortune and love at the wishing tree. Lovers can open their hearts digitally on the big screen. The auspicious peach blossoms will catch your gaze as you cast your minds to the many rewards you would like to wish for. House of Loving Kindness at the Ha Ha Factory is for dear friends and family to wish everyone good luck through fascinating games and riddles. Whiskers and friends will join in the fun and guests can capture the picture perfect moment on a jubilant tiger-themed photo!

As the most popular family friendly attraction in Hong Kong, the Park will certainly have a treat for the kids. At the Whiskers Harbour, The Lucky Maze will capture kids and adults alike as guests unfold one surprise after another resembling the endless possibilities of good fortune for the entire family in the year of the Tiger.

At the Tai Shue Wan Plaza, visitors must catch the all-time favourite, Spellbound on Ice.  The entire team of over 30 international and world-class ice-skating masters and production team don fanciful new costumes with God of Fortune spreading blessings of prosperity to the entire audience. Guests can then visit the Laser CNY Wishing Wall to announce their New Year cheers with the entire Park using light and magic. Those that want to raise their spirits further can seek for the exhilarating 5-metre high dash at the Turbo Snow Tubing - suitable for adults and kids, just not the faint-hearted!

Tradition has it that all things should sound, smell, taste and look lucky for the Lunar New Year and Ocean Park makes sure it fills the Park with appealing delights. The Giant Gold Tiger awaits at the Waterfront, glistening with its energy, wishing all its guests the same exuberance as the fierce creature. The Park will come alive with the vibrant cheers of Auspicious Animal Dances throughout. Do not miss the Musical Ladies of Prosperity, 12 gorgeous musicians will be introducing a unique musical performance to celebrate Chinese New Year. The God of Fortune and Money Kid add that extra dosage of good fortune at the God of Fortune Palace, making sure everyone’s treasure chests are not just full, but spilling over!

Ocean Park fills your hearts and appetite with the 68 different items in the Park’s festive menu making sure all the delicacies taste well and bring in the New Year with much delight! Even the retail stores and game booths include their Tiger fun with 88 special New Year gift items and prizes to bedazzle all Park guests.  Ocean Park Sweetheart CNY Holidays is ready to embrace Hong Kong with its luck and cheers while it continues to spread its conservation messages, promising a lucky and meaningful Tiger year!  

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