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Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong

Starry Gezellig Glamping with Panoramic Ocean View at Water World Ocean Park


This winter, Water World Ocean Park is creating extraordinary moments with the brand-new gezellig glamping experience. The gates to this starry, dreamy adventure open in December. So plan ahead to immerse yourself in a mesmerising holiday season with your friends and family.
Uniquely originating from the Dutch language with no equivalents in others, gezellig is the concept of enjoying a fun and relaxing time in good and warm company. Starry Gezellig Glamping stays true to its name with private tents equipped with amenities like air conditioning and heater, shower facilities, and a calm, snug ambience. Adventurers can connect with nature, indulge in the stargazing sea views, rejuvenate amidst the cheerful breeze, and feast on heart-warming delicacies.

For adventurers who want to go beyond the tranquil relaxation, Water World is organising several fun activities alongside the glamping experience. All participating adventurers will be entitled to a private Surf Striker session and endless splashes at Water World’s exciting rides and slides for two days.
By the night, a portable screen and entertainment device, the Freestyle sponsored by Samsung will turn the cozy Nordic glamping sites into private cinemas. Each glamping site will have its own set of devices for adventurers to relish in their favourite movies with their loved ones. The Freestyle is powerfully packed with multifaceted entertainment options including Smart TV, projection, 360˚ speakers, and party ambient lighting. It allows campers to enjoy watching their favourite content on a large screen anytime, anywhere. Each camper can also enjoy an exclusive purchase offer on Samsung The Freestyle and experience the joys of versatile entertainment brought about by this trendsetter.
The glamping experience comes close on the heels of Water World winning the Leading Edge Award from the World Waterpark Association. The award recognised the Park’s creativity in developing contemporary and state-of-the-art themes, facilities, services, and operational and visitor engagement concepts. It also shows that adventurers are guaranteed a good experience when they ‘glamp’ at Water World!