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The Flash

Thrill Mountain I Summit
Opening Time: Park opening to closing
Jun 20 WED
Jun 21 THU
Jun 22 FRI
Jun 23 SAT
Jun 24 SUN
Jun 25 MON
Jun 26 TUE

Like a flash, this aptly named ride whisks you 22m into the air and spins you around so fast that you might see stars! At its dizzying top speed of 60km/h, you will be whirled full circle with nothing to stop you and nothing under your feet. Each turn swings around at a massive force of 3.9G – a thrill only for most hardcore visitors!

Rides' Requirement
between 137cm (54") and 195cm (77")
12 or above

What's Near By

Bumper Blaster

Family AttractionsFamily Attractions
  • Single Rider/Driver: 145cm (57") Children: 120cm (47")
  • Single Rider/Driver: 12 or above Children: 8 or above

Hair Raiser

Thrill RidesThrill Rides
  • 140cm (55")
Drop Shop

Drop Shop


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Check Out the Video

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