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Ocean Park Christmas Sensation HOHOHO 2023 presented by BOC Chill Card - Additional surprise! Le Petit Prince 80th Anniversary Galactic Voyage

09.12.2023 - 01.01.2024

Celebrate a sparkling Christmas with Le Petit Prince 80th galactic voyage

Ocean Park is adorned with twinkling lights this Christmas! Be ready to be surrounded by sparkling Christmas trees and glittering decorations that draw you into the festive winter! The Christmas Garden of Glitz's dazzling glow and shimmering lights offer the best spot for selfies of you and friends! At Waterfront Plaza, don’t miss the amazing performances at Jingle All The Way. Santa Claus and his elves will show up to send festive blessings!

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Christmas Garden of Glitz

Shine brightly as you soak in the atmosphere of a heartwarming, romantic Christmas! Step into the Christmas Garden of Glitz, surrounded with glittering Christmas trees, wonderful festive decorations and the luminous glow of sparkling light displays that draw you into the winter mood for sweet moments - perfect for couples to take lovely selfies! Everyone shines with the brightest smiles in this winter wonderland full of light!

Jingle All The Way

During this celebratory season, don't miss a series of amazing performances! Jingle All The Way features specially curated programmes by various local organisations, including choirs singing heartwarming Christmas carols, orchestral and live band performances, as well as exciting dances that get you moving. Groove along with happiness this Christmas!

Stay tuned for more details.

Christmas Shining Bright Party

Join the Christmas Shining Bright Party at the Waterfront Plaza and dive into the lively spirit of the festivities! Santa Claus and the friendly elves will make surprise appearances to deliver festive blessings to all adults and children. Seize the opportunity to strike a pose and take pictures with them!

Stay tuned for more details.

Additional surprise! Le Petit Prince 80th Anniversary Galactic Voyage

The French publication of the renowned tale Le Petit Prince, who reached his 80th anniversary this year. Le Petit Prince has made his way to Ocean Park with his beloved rose to celebrate a sparkling Christmas with you. Come embark on a glittering journey of light and shadow and continue your dreamy stroll under the twinkly canopy of lights and the luminous installations scattered around the Park. Join us for a literally star-studded Christmas with friends and family!

    *Photos are for reference only.

    Le Petit Prince Starry Universe - a dazzling expedition of lights and shadows

    Throughout Le Petit Prince's past journey, he has visited many interesting planets. Le Petit Prince Starry Universe takes us back to his original planet B612 for a new adventure! Jump on the plane and enter the dreamy universe of light and shadow to revisit the path of Le Petit Prince, and immerse yourself in a majestic kaleidoscope of ever-changing, dazzling colours. Remember to snap many photos with friends too! The end of the journey will lead you to the other side of the galaxy greeted by a beautiful rose garden. Discover the unique rose hidden in your heart!

    Le Petit Prince Light Alley - a charming pathway adorned with twinkling lights

    Le Petit Prince has lit up Waterfront Plaza with starlight during his sojourn in Ocean Park! Stroll through Le Petit Prince Light Alley to watch the twinkling lights hanging above your heads. Spot the charming Le Petit Prince, the fox and his cherished rose! Walk under the starlight to appreciate the beauty of this special gift from Le Petit Prince that you can only see with your heart.

    Trace Le Petit Prince's Footsteps

    During your exploration of Ocean Park, you might find Le Petit Prince's footprints all over! The light projection of Le Petit Prince at Aqua City Lagoon will lead you to find his starry imprint. Scenes of his travels across the stars and encounter with the little fox have turned into shiny decorations at Lakeside Chill. Sit with Le Petit Prince in front of the storybook at Applause Pavilion and imagine your next interstellar journey. A garden of giant roses at Waterfront Plaza reproduces the scene where Le Petit Prince finds countless roses, each of them unique and beautiful in its own way. At the peak of it all, the Le Petit Prince Star Statue standing high on The Summit recognises his spectacular trip throughout the galaxy. Come take photos with family and friends to capture this important starry milestone!

    "Sparkling Christmas" Dinner Buffet - Club Panda

    Savour the joyful season over a festive feast with family and friends! Come enjoy the sumptuous "Sparkling Christmas" Dinner Buffet at Club Panda! Immerse yourself in a range of specialties, including Canadian Snow Crab Legs and English Brown Crab on Ice, Iberico Ham with Melon, Baked Australian Lobster with Wild Mushroom with Black Truffle in Puff Pastry Case, Roasted Spring Chicken with Lemon and Mixed Herbs and Baked U.S. Pork Rib with BBQ Sauce! The carving trolley also offers unlimited Roasted U.S. Beef Sirloin and Roasted Lamb Leg. Don't miss the festive-limited dessert assortments such as Christmas Log Cake, Yuzu Cheese Cake, Gingerbread, Lychee Panna Cotta and Chestnut Puff, along with the popular DIY Cotton Candy and Fresh Fruit Pancake station! Each guest can even enjoy a complimentary dish of "Braised Abalone with Fish Maw and Mushroom". Make the height of your holiday journey at Ocean Park a delicious note to remember!

    "Sparkling Christmas" Dinner Buffet - Appetizer & Main Dish
    "Sparkling Christmas" Dinner Buffet - Appetizer & Main Dish
    "Sparkling Christmas" Dinner Buffet - Dessert
    "Sparkling Christmas" Dinner Buffet - Dessert
    Iberico Ham with Seasonal Melon
    Iberico Ham with Seasonal Melon
    Braised Abalone with Fish Maw and Black Mushroom
    Braised Abalone with Fish Maw and Black Mushroom
    Yule Log Cake
    Yule Log Cake
    Yuzu Cheese Cake
    Yuzu Cheese Cake
    Lychee Panna Cotta
    Lychee Panna Cotta

      Available dates: 23-26, 30-31 December 2023 and 1 January 2024
      Available time: 6:00pm to 9:30pm
      Price (per person): Adult and Senior: HK$688; Child (aged 3-11): HK$340

      Terms and Conditions
      • All prices include 10% service charge.
      • A non-refundable deposit is required and this amount will be calculated based on the total number of diners.
      • A deposit of HK$200 (per person) payment is required upon reservation. The deposit will be fully deducted from the bill (a copy of the deposit confirmation email is required for deposit deduction).
      • The deposit will be forfeited if the actual attendance varies by more than one person to the number of guests noted in the initial reservation.
      • Dinner buffet diners can enjoy free admission from 5:00pm.
      • Parking offer is only available for guests who enjoy the "Sparkling Christmas" Dinner Buffet and one first 4-hour free parking coupon for each table booking will be provided. Each coupon can only be applied to one vehicle (For more details, please refer to Terms and Conditions).
      • Please visit Ocean Park's website www.oceanpark.com.hk or call (852) 3923 2323 for the Park operations details.

      Make a reservation on or before 10 December 2023 with deposit payment of HK$200 (per person) via the online reservation system to enjoy up to 20% off early-bird discount!

      Enquiries: (852) 3923 2161 / 3923 2323

      Exciting updates on "The Galactic Voyage of Le Petit Prince" souvenirs are coming soon. Please stay tuned.

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      BOC Credit Card Exclusive: All Day Delight Ticket enjoy 15% off

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      Special thanks to BOC Credit Card (International) Limited, the event sponsor and Medialink, the licensing agent for Le Petit Prince.