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School Activity - Kindergarten

    Outreach Interactive Seminar

    OPAHK offers the Outreach Interactive Seminar for schools in the storytelling format with two thematic options: Deep Sea Adventure and Polar Sports Challenge.

    • Deep Sea Adventure: Learn about the impacts of marine debris and explore ways to reduce marine debris through the story of Whiskers and Friends’ journey to Coral Maze
    • Polar Sports Challenge: Understand the impacts of climate change and explore solutions to save energy through the story of Whiskers and Friends joining the Polar Sports Challenge
    • Programme Format: Storytelling; Interactive games

    Outreach Carnival - Nature Exploration

    Students are encouraged to explore the wonders of nature and discover interesting facts of flora and fauna through game booths.

    • Explore the nature with five senses and discover the survival skills of different animals
    • Appreciate the beauty of nature with the use of natural materials
    • Programme Format: Interactive game booths; Natural materials play
    Programme Fee Capacity (Students) Time
    Outreach Interactive Seminar Each session HK$4,000 20 - 300 Each session lasts for 45 minutes
    Outreach Carnival - Nature Exploration Each session HK$15,000 100 - 300 Each session lasts for 90 minutes

    The programme fees are valid until 31 August 2024.

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