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Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2018 Presents Two Thrilling and Dainty-looking Menus First Collaboration with Sanrio characters Launches Limited Edition of “HELLO-ween” Food and Beverages & Merchandises


Halloween is not complete without a haunted feast! In addition to an array of interactive and visually stunning haunted attractions and Hong Kong’s largest ever Sanrio characters HELLO-ween party, Ocean Park welcomes all thrill-seeking and light-hearted party-goers with two thrilling and dainty-looking menus, available only from September 19 to November 4 during this year’s Halloween Fest. From appetiser to dessert, the ‘ER Sensation’ promises to take bold guests who enjoy an adventurous ride on an unforgetting food journey that will haunt their souls and stomachs. This year, the Park has collaborated with Sanrio for the first time to launch a series of Sanrio-themed delicacies, a wide collection of limited HELLO-ween merchandise and the Park’s exclusive Sanrio characters HELLO-ween Pop-up Store’, which is sure to delight Sanrio fans of all ages!
“We have raised the bar for gripping experiences at this year’s Halloween Fest by specially designing a haunted feast that pair thrilling delicacies with special drinks. Guests can expect to sample the taste of heaven and hell with our Halloween Fest set menu at Café Ocean, or munch festive snacks and mocktails available at the Park’s food kiosks without missing any of the haunted attractions. This year also marks our first collaboration with Sanrio to launch the limited dainty-looking food items and the exclusive ‘Sanrio characters HELLO-ween Pop-up Store’. We hope to draw wider spectrum of guests at this year’s Halloween celebration,” said Perry Chung, Executive Director for Commercial Operations of Ocean Park.
ACT ONE: Halloween Fest Thrill Menu
Picture Time! Halloween Fest Thriller Feast with Amputated Limbs and Organs
Following the chills from visiting the neighbouring Hospital of Horrors presented by MoneySQ.com,  guests will be beckoned into Café Ocean, an emergency room themed restaurant filled with blood-soaked body limps and organs, X-ray films of bone skeletons and icy-cold surgical instruments. Staff dressed as emergency room surgeons will be on stand-by to greet diners who are ready for a challenge and selfie that is bound to send shivers down their spines.
Once seated, diners will play the role of surgeons and perform surgical procedures before feeding their empty stomachs with ‘ER Sensation’, a thrilling Halloween Fest set menu featuring gruesome-looking edible limbs, surgical instruments and medicine, all exclusively served on a surgical tray at Café Ocean. The set includes:
  • Appetiser: Potato salad ‘Window to the Soul’ and soba noodles ‘Varicose Veins’ to prepare the soul for an exquisite meal;
  • Soup: Two chilled soups ‘Ghastly Bile’ and ‘Cold “Blood’’ to inject as sedatives and to calm one’s mind with;
  • Main course: A choice between ‘Amputated Limb’, which offers dining surgeons a juicy roasted chicken bacon roulade, or ‘Phantom Hand’, which comes with a succulent baked portabella mushroom stuffed with tomatoes and mixed vegetables. Diners are then invited to cut open ‘Fresh Brain’, which brings together sustainably-sourced lobster from Australia and scallops from Canada served with delicate steamed eggs;
  • Dessert: Häagen-Dazs™ ice-cream served alongside ‘Gauze and Bandage’, an egg white Swiss roll, cotton candy with mango sauce and chocolate served on a separate tray, to wipe out the surgical evidence; and  
  • Special drink: ‘Demon’s Tear’, a mocktail to treat the aftershock.
Halloween Fest Evil Four — It’s Not Just About Food
As part of the upgraded thrilling culinary experience, a unique series of bold-looking a-la-carte items are also available to satisfy the peculiar appetites of the Halloween Fest evil four, a finicky food critic, a penny pincher, a selfie expert and a party animal.
Finicky Food Critic: The larger-than-palm ‘Angus Beef Devil Cheeseburger’ brings out the exquisite flavours of tender beef patty with teriyaki sauce, and is the indisputable top choice for those who are picky about their food.
Penny Pincher: Both juicy ‘Demonic Roasted Panang Tulip and meatless ‘Japanese Curry Mushroom Rice in Skull’ are designed for those who have a pragmatic approach towards food choices.
Selfie Expert: ‘Tornado Potato’ and ‘Trickery Chicken Rings’ are among the new light dishes that are tailor-made for selfie experts who eye on not only food, but also Halloween props for their next best selfie.
Party Animal: The ‘Evil Drumstick’ and five other dishes with Blue Girl beer is the perfect match of crispy snack and iced cold beer that is not to be missed at any Halloween party.
Take a Grand Tour with Mocktail from Hell and Devilish Dessert
To calm down those that have been shocked to the bones, Ocean Park has prepared a series of thematic mocktails and dainty sweets to shoo their shivers away. ‘Bloody Eyeball’ appears to be a sweet and innocent strawberry soda but beware, the extra-large ice cube floating in the pink drink are in fact scary “eyeballs”! ‘Shining Skull’, a special mocktail dedicated to Halloween, takes everyone on a grand tour to hell with a drink of devilish taste served in an eerie skull.
But don’t worry about being too caught up by what could otherwise be scary “surprises” as the Park also serves adorable desserts that can really sooth the visitors’ over-excited nerves. The bite-sized jelly jammed with vampire’s tooth candy from ‘Bite Away Vampire Jelly’ and ‘Pumpkin Cake on the Palm’ spine-chilling and irresistible to those who have a sweet tooth hunting for the right objects for their most alluring foodporn!
ACT TWO: Ocean Park Sanrio characters Limited Edition Dainty Delicacies
An Invitation to Feast on ‘Sanrio characters HELLO-ween Set Menu’ in the Magical Realm
This year, Ocean Park collaborates with Sanrio for the first time to bring the world-famous Sanrio characters to join Hong Kong’s first-ever and largest HELLO-ween party. Dressed up in their cutest HELLO-ween outfits, Sanrio characters will further conquer diners’ stomachs in a series of limited edition HELLO-ween dainty food items!
At Tuxedos Restaurant, Hello Kitty in her exclusive pumpkin HELLO-ween costume, will be hosting a magnificent feast alongside her best friends, including Pompompurin, Kuromi, Little Twin Stars, Cinnamoroll, Bad Badtz-Maru and the rising star gudetama serving the Sanrio characters HELLO-ween Set Menu’. The set includes:
  • Appetiser: ‘Bad Badtz-Maru and the Horror Forest’ features a tasty crispy crab cake hidden behind the cheeky Bad Badtz-Maru and served with velvety blueberries mayo to start this fun mysterious adventure;
  • Soup: ‘Hot Travel with gudetama’ is a fresh sweet-sour tomato and bell pepper soup infused with rich egg yolk, with the recently-popular Sanrio character gudetama making its first impression by dressing in a new Pharaoh costume;
  • Main course: A choice between going food hunting with ‘Treasure Hunt with Hello Kitty’, a whole baked pumpkin filled with seafood risotto in spinach sauce, or ‘Playing Black Magic with Kuromi’, which presents diners with a grilled lobster charcoal burger served with deep-fried pumpkin respectively; and
  • Dessert: ‘Bad Badtz-Maru Grave Adventure’ with Bad Badtz-Maru concluding a delicious journey with sesame parfait and butter cookies.
Cute Light Dishes On-the-Go!
Apart from a comfortable, sit-down dining experience, Ocean Park also offers a range of delectable Sanrio characters on-the-go light menu and bento boxes to meet guests who do not have a minute to lose.
As the Earl of Pumpkin, Hello Kitty transforms Club Panda into a pumpkin forest and welcomes her guests with ‘Sanrio characters HELLO-ween Party Bento Box’. Joined by her friends from the Sanrio family, the feast comprises six Japanese inspired dishes and a Halloween special drink – ‘Hello Kitty HELLO-ween Orange Delights’. The visually appealing bento will give a burst of energy to diners who need a quick break before continuing their HELLO-ween adventure at the Park.
For those who are laser focus on the haunted attractions, on-the-go a-la-carte items such as ‘Hello Kitty HELLO-ween Pop Corn Set’, ‘Hello Kitty HELLO-ween Chicken Burger (with Nachos)’ and ‘Sanrio characters Iced Peach Soda with Jelly’ complements well with their mission. Ocean Park’s limited edition Hello Kitty popcorn case is portable and convenient, ready to fill guests up with the highly popular in-Park caramel popcorn snack wherever they go. The four-inch deep-fried chicken burger, stamped with Hello Kitty’s pumpkin look, is filled with nachos instead of the conventional green vegetables, elevating the taste and texture of the burger to a whole new level. Wrap up each bite with a sip of iced peach soda that comes with a refreshing zing from the fresh peach and aiyu jelly, cooling everyone down before heading to their next HELLO-ween stop!
Halloween Limited Edition Ocean Park Sanrio characters HELLO-ween Confection
Halloween is not complete without Trick-or-Treat! Sanrio characters have marched in to Aqua City Bakery and brought along a variety of sweet items! The Earl of Pumpkin, Hello Kitty and her friends are bringing a series of Halloween limited edition desserts available at Ocean Park. Among them, the Sanrio characters Macaron’ set containing four mini macarons bringing together Hello Kitty, gudetama, Bad Badtz-maru and Pompompurin is almost too cute to consume in just one bite! Three variations of Fresh Fruits Custard Cream Cone come in various flavours introduced by different Sanrio characters, from Hello Kitty’s chocolate flavour and Bad Badtz-maru’s sweet potato flavour to Pompompurin’s mango flavour. The gigantic ‘Hello Kitty HELLO-ween Party Cake’, which weighs 1.5 pounds, is a must-have item for Halloween celebration. The adorable face of Hello Kitty graces the facade of the cake that contains a surprising sweet and fresh mango sauce. Additionally, guests can receive a limited edition souvenir (Sanrio characters “HELLO-ween” themed paper pencil holder) upon ordering the ‘Sanrio characters HELLO-ween Set Menu’ at Tuxedos Restaurant, or spend at least HK$200 on Sanrio-themed food items at Aqua City Bakery.
ACT THREE: “Halloween Fest 2018” Limited Edition Merchandise
The Debut of Hong Kong’s First ‘Sanrio Characters HELLO-ween Pop-up Store’
In addition to all the thrilling and dainty fun and food, Ocean Park has also prepared a limited collection of merchandises for fans to take home their HELLO-ween memories. 26 sets of HELLO-ween merchandises, including headbands with Hello Kitty in her cute pumpkin costume and gudetama in Pharaoh costume, pumpkin skulled Hello Kitty card holder, T-shirts and more will be showcased and available for purchase at Hong Kong’s exclusive Sanrio characters HELLO-ween Pop-up Store’, opened from September 13 to November 4, in Ocean Park. To commemorate this first collaboration, Ocean Park specially designed a key art featuring Whiskers and Hello Kitty together, and can be spotted on five of the merchandises. The Park has also partnered with the famous thermal flask brand Thermos and stationary brand Moleskine to launch the limited edition Ocean Park‧Sanrio characters thermal flask and notebook, an ideal choice either as a gift or a collectible item. Guests can even pop to the Sanrio characters HELLO-ween Meet & Greet booth to take photos with Hello Kitty and some of her friends. With every purchase of 6R photo comes a limited edition Sanrio characters HELLO-ween paper photo frame. A game booths at Whiskers Harbour will also be decked with Hello Kitty plush, waiting for gamers to win and take home!
Classic Must-have Halloween Keepsakes
Meanwhile, Ocean Park has also prepared Halloween Fest classic merchandises as keepsakes for hardcore fans, including the devilish-looking pumpkin magic bubble wand, stationary items featuring Whiskers and friends dressed in Halloween costume for the first time as well as game zone plush toys.
Please visit www.oceanpark.com.hk or call (852) 3923-2666 for more details about this year’s Halloween Fest.