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China Construction Bank (Asia) presents Croco Land

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The exotic crocodile found in Lin Fa Tei, Pat Heung last year has become an official resident of Ocean Park! The crocodile, Passion, whose name was selected by public voting, is now living at Croco Land, presented by China Construction Bank (Asia), located at the main entrance of the Park and opens to the public with free entry.
Estimated to be four years old, this awe-inspiring exotic crocodile is growing gradually, measuring 1.97m in length and weighing 38.5kg now. DNA test result confirmed that Passion is a hybrid Siamese-Cuban crocodile. Passion has become our latest Ocean Park animal ambassador with a mission to raise awareness about the impacts to the local ecosystem brought by non-native species. Welcome this latest member of the Park and learn about the importance of biodiversity!

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