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About Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong
About Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong
About Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong
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About Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong

What's New

For programmes in July & August 2018, application begins at 12 noon on 1 March 2018. Applications can be submitted by faxing the completed application form to 2518 8665 or by online application.

The brand-new “Whiskers & Friends” Kindergarten Education Kit has been launched. E-versions and online materials are available here for free access by all Hong Kong kindergartens. The related education programme “Mingle in the Jungle” has been launched as well. Please click here for more details.

Our Team

Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong comprises a group of lively and enthusiastic educators committed to environmental education. We receive professional training from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and the National Association for Interpretation, and visit different zoos and aquariums around the world to learn new ideas. We also strive to collect and accommodate different opinions through the Teachers Working Group and the Education Advisory Committee. We hope to influence our students with our enthusiasm and leave a greener, better planet for future generations.

Our Programmes

Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong (OPAHK) provides environmental educational programmes that blend into the school curriculum. Offering diverse learning opportunities, these programmes nurture students’ attitudes towards, and skills and knowledge about animal and environmental conservation. An experiential learning approach is one of the key elements of our programmes. Students make discoveries and receive inspiration through observation. They are motivated to think and thus facilitate self-learning. OPAHK also features the Teacher Day Camp to inspire and assist teachers about implementing environmental education. Apart from in-park activities, OPAHK organises outreach seminars and project-based learning programme in schools as well.

Our Campus

Teachers Working Group

Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong (OPAHK) shoulders the mission of education at Ocean Park. We strive to make good use of the diversified environments and facilities inside the Park to provide teachers and students with an opportunity to get close to nature and enjoy learning through activities and real-life experiences.

In order to better utilize the resources in the Park and to promote environmental education in conjunction with schools, the Teachers Working Group has been established. Since its establishment, the group has been working closely with OPAHK, providing us with professional ideas and comments on our current and future activities and teaching materials.

The members of the Teachers Working Group include current principals or teachers working at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Meetings, gatherings and free visits are held at Ocean Park to discuss and explore how we can make better use of the Park’s facilities and resources to match the needs of schools, to work closely together with schools in promoting environmental education and to raise the transparency of OPAHK.

    We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all Teachers Working Group members for providing us professional ideas and comments. (in no particular order)

    籽苗幼稚園 董鳳汶女士  黃慧欣校長
    香港仔浸信會白光幼稚園 陳容華校長
    香港基督教服務處時代幼兒學校 林珮珊校長
    香港基督教服務處滙豐幼兒學校 佘芷瑩老師
    聖公會聖巴拿巴堂幼稚園 黃麗貞校長
    太陽島英文幼稚園(西貢分校) 葉麗華校長
    太陽島英文幼稚園 馬克勤校長
    宏福中英幼稚園 徐頌儀校長
    荃灣商會學校 周劍豪校長
    中華基督教會基真小學 吳金曉副校長
    中華基督教會基慧小學 鄭家寶主任
    保良局金銀業貿易場張凝文學校 袁燕珊主任
    東華三院鄧肇堅小學 高家歡老師
    和富慈善基金李宗德小學 王俊民老師
    香港真光中學 周偉傑老師
    觀塘功樂官立中學 胡潤宗老師
    馬錦明慈善基金馬陳端喜紀念中學 譚翾翎老師 陳秀慧老師 葉兆港主任
    保良局羅氏基金中學 梁永健老師
    天主教喇沙會張振興伉儷書院 吳華彪老師

    Learning and Teaching Expo

    Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong has been devoted to fostering Environmental Education throughout the years. In order to promote Environmental Education as well as provide the latest updates on our education programmes, we have been associated to the Learning & Teaching Expo, presented by HKedCity, since 2009.

    Please visit the website for latest information.

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