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Ocean Park Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Baby Naming Activity

Congratulations to us! Ocean Park was excited to welcome the first-ever birth of a golden snub-nosed monkey baby in Hong Kong in April! The beautiful boy is the pride of male golden monkey Qi Qi and female Le Le who arrived from Chengdu Zoo. We would like to share the joy with everyone by inviting all of you to suggest a Chinese or English name for the baby. Later, we will pick four suitable names for the public to vote on. The name with the highest votes will be given to the latest member of our family! Submit your idea now!

Campaign Period: 20 May to 5 June, 2017 (ends at 12:00nn HK time)


  1. Each participant can submit more than once.
  2. ​Should any dispute arise regarding this competition, the decision of Ocean Park Hong Kong shall be final.

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The activity has ended. Thank you!

Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Baby’s Bio

Sex Male
Date of Birth 17 April 2017
Place of Birth Ocean Park Hong Kong
Appearance Big eyes, with dark grey hair on the head and at the back
Temperament Active, curious, lively
Main Diet Breast milk (will eventually change to a solid food diet since around 6-18 months old)
Interesting Facts He is the first baby of golden snub-nosed monkey Le Le and Qi Qi, and also the first golden snub-nosed monkey baby born in Hong Kong.
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