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Blacktip Reef Shark

Blacktip Reef Shark
Scientific Name

Carcharhinus melanopterus

Other Common Name(s)
Blackfin Reef Shark, Blacktip Shark
Body Length

Up to 2 m

Body Weight

Up to 24 kg

Around the reefs in the Indo-Pacific and eastern Mediterranean
Fun Facts

Fun Facts

  • Blacktip reef sharks are often found on reef flats with very shallow water. Their fins may break the water surface, and it is believed that some may jump out of the water.

  • In traditional Hawaiian culture, blacktip reef sharks are regarded by some people as guardian spirits. These people sometimes feed the sharks.

Threats & Conservation

IUCN Red List: Vulnerable
IUCN Red List: Vulnerable

Blacktip reef sharks are captured by the inshore fisheries of Thailand and India. They are used for their fins, meat and liver oil. As they have small bodies, their market value is relatively low and they are not the main targets of fishers. However, these sharks are still susceptible to overfishing due to their low reproductive rate, and there is a declining trend in their population.

Do not consume shark fins!

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