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180 Laboratory

Marine World I Summit
Feb 26 MON
Feb 27 TUE
Feb 28 WED
Feb 29 THU
Mar 01 FRI
Mar 02 SAT
Mar 03 SUN
Deep within the shadows of the mysterious lab, a covert scientific experiment is unfolding, aiming to transform humans into bio-weapons. Oh no! A researcher, unfortunately, got injured in an accident and the unidentified infection rapidly spreads throughout the entire lab! It's up to you to investigate and eradicate this deadly threat. Get ready for a battle that holds the fate of humanity!

Act now! Enter the "180 Laboratory" and blast those mutated creatures or pathogens with laser guns! The "180 Laboratory" turns into an electrifying laser gun battleground where you can target all the mutated creatures or pathogens. Get ready for an impending counterattack, it's unbelievably fun! Show off your sharpshooting skills with the laser gun. It's a challenge for both adults and kids. Let's see who can achieve the highest score and become the hero!
Rides' Requirement
Aged above 5

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Thrill Rides Thrill Rides 
  • Between 137cm (54') and 195cm (77')
The Terrace Café

The Terrace Café

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