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The Abyss – VR Space Voyage

Marine World I Summit
Opening Time: 10:30am - Summit close
Sep 20 SUN
Sep 21 MON
Sep 22 TUE
Sep 23 WED
Sep 24 THU
Sep 25 FRI
Sep 26 SAT
Are you ready for more cool adventures? Embark on our newly upgraded VR adventure, The Abyss – VR Space Voyage! Before you blast off, try your hand at our AR games, search and collect mystery resources in space and protect your spaceship by smashing asteroids! Then, it's time to fly to Titan for ultra-space mission! Get into your spacecraft seat, strap on a headset, and launch yourself into a hyper-realistic outer space VR adventure with breath-taking vista effects. Beware! You'll plummet straight down to earth in just a few hair-raising seconds!

Rules and Regulations in VR Mode
  1. For your safety, you should be in good health and mental status to use VR headgear.If you are suffer from heart condition, other serious medical condition, or pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities, red-eye syndrome, other infectious eye diseases, epilepsy dizziness, or related medical history, please do not use VR headgear.
  2. The VR headgear should not be used by persons under age 13.
  3. Persons with heights between 132cm to 150cm will be equipped with designated VR headgear.
  4. All items that affect you to wear VR headgear safely, such as glasses or headdress, must be removed.
  5. Please adjust the strap of VR headgear to fit your face, if you need assistance, please raise your arm.
  6. If you feel dizzy, do not take off VR headgear when the Abyss is in motion. Please close your eyes until ride cycle completed.
  7. Please remain seated after the ride cycle. And take off VR headgear according to staff instruction.

The Abyss

Ocean Park’s ultimate thrill ride is not for the faint of heart! Get ready to plunge 20 stories straight to the ground– you’ll only have seconds to admire the view on the way up. Whether this exhilarating free fall ends as quickly as a dream or lingers in your screams is something you’ll have to find out yourself!

Rules and Regulations of The Abyss
  1. For safety, you should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure.
  2. Persons who do not meet the minimum height requirement of 132cm may not ride.
  3. Fasten the lap bar, hold the handle and remain seated at all times when The Abyss is in motion.
  4. Tie / Secure long hair and remove loose objects, cameras, hats, scarfs, phones, bulky or sharp articles that can prejudice your own safety or the safety of other passengers.
  5. Passengers who use wheelchairs must transfer from their device to the seats and vice versa with the assistance of their companions.
  6. Expectant mothers should not ride.
  7. Ocean Park reserves the absolute right of discretion to refuse entry to The Abyss.
  8. If guests choose VR mode, please follow additional rules and regulations in VR mode.
Rides' Requirement
132cm (52')
13 or above (VR mode only)

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