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Demon Grove

Marine World I Summit
Opening Time: 10:30am to 6:30pm
Feb 25 SUN
Feb 26 MON
Feb 27 TUE
Feb 28 WED
Feb 29 THU
Mar 01 FRI
Mar 02 SAT

Hidden beside the Summit, there's a mystical forest known for ensnaring those who venture too deeply. As you step deeper into this eerie grove, you'll stumble upon an isolated Japanese village, isolated from the rest of the world. Every corner hides a variety of ghosts and demons, biding their time to scare wandering travelers! In this minimalist Japanese courtyard, visitors can appreciate the beauty of wooden screens and graceful torii gates, while sunlight dances through the trees, creating picture-perfect memories!

Attention, all adventure-seekers and photo enthusiasts! Prepare to unravel the mysteries of the meticulously designed installations at "Demon Grove", a whimsical Japanese courtyard-style haunted mansion. With a variety of Instagrammable backdrops, this place is a dream come true for those who love capturing moments from every angle. Gather your friends, plan a holiday outing, and create unforgettable memories that will leave everyone hitting that "like" button!

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