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Expedition Trail

Rainforest I Summit
Opening Time: Park opening to closing
Jul 16 THU
Jul 17 FRI
Jul 18 SAT
Jul 19 SUN
Jul 20 MON
Jul 21 TUE
Jul 22 WED

Take the Expedition Trail into the heart of the Rainforest, where strange and beautiful creatures roam. Hear the calls of world’s largest and smallest toucans, the toco toucan and the green aracari, and spot the brilliantly coloured poison frogs. Discover one of the world’s largest freshwater fish, the arapaima, and the wide-eyed kinkajou. More of the world’s most astounding animals lurk beneath the leaves, like the pygmy marmoset and the capybara, whose incredible adaptations to their habitats make them interesting to learn about and crucial to protect.

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The Rapids

Thrill RidesThrill Rides
  • 120cm (47")

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