Ocean Park Hong Kong
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Ocean Park Tower

Marine World I Summit
Opening Time: Park opening to closing
Jan 29 WED
Jan 30 THU
Jan 31 FRI
Feb 01 SAT
Feb 02 SUN
Feb 03 MON
Feb 04 TUE

Extraordinary vistas of the South China Sea emerge from atop Ocean Park Tower, at a soaring height of 72m in the air. Located 200m above sea level, the gently rotating viewing room provides 360 degrees of sun, sea and sky. Ranked as one of the tallest observation towers in Southeast Asia, guests will be able to clearly see Aberdeen and the outlying islands. 

Rides' Requirement
122cm (48")
Persons below 122cm (48") must be accompanied by a person who has attained the age of 15 and is of 122cm or above in height.

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  • 107cm (42")
  • Below 125kg (275lb)
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