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Rev Booster

Thrill Mountain I Summit
Opening Time: Park opening to closing
Sep 29 FRI
Sep 30 SAT
Oct 01 SUN
Oct 02 MON
Oct 03 TUE
Oct 04 WED
Oct 05 THU

Young adults (and older ones too!) can’t stop whirling at this candy-coloured ride with an unmistakable circus feel. The Rev Booster features three sensational levels of orbital motion while rocking to and fro to a lively beat. It might be impossible to tap your feet and sway up and down at the same time – but this is a ride that’ll surely make you try!

Rides' Requirement
130cm (51")
Visitors aged below 12 must be accompanied by a person who has attained the age of 15. One adult can only accompany one child at a time.

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