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Sloth and Friends Studio

Aqua City I Waterfront
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The "Sloth and Friends Studio" animal exhibit, located in Aqua City. This exhibit features two adorable slow-moving sloths, as well as other animals, including macaw, kinkajou, and ball python. During the "Animal Fun Talks", the animal caretaker will demonstrate how to feed the animals and share their interesting living habits.

Inside the exhibit, there is an art gallery featuring a series of animal paintings generated by AI. You can also learn about "The IUCN Red List," established by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Using the tablet, you can enter simple commands to create your own animal-themed AI painting and learn more about these species from another perspective. Take action for conservation and enjoy an immersive and educational experience at the "Sloth and Friends Studio" exhibit.

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