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South Pole Spectacular

Polar Adventure I Summit
Opening Time: Park opening to closing
Oct 21 WED
Oct 22 THU
Oct 23 FRI
Oct 24 SAT
Oct 25 SUN
Oct 26 MON
Oct 27 TUE

The Earth’s southernmost tip is home to one of its most beloved animals – talkative and communal penguins! Over 90 penguins from three species inhabit the South Pole Spectacular, including king penguins, the world’s second largest penguin, dramatic southern rockhopper penguins, one of the world’s tiniest penguins and white-bonneted, gentoo penguins, which sport unusual coloured eye markings. See these fascinating birds from stunning angles above and underwater like never before.

Remarks: To keep our polar animals comfortable, the Polar Adventure will be kept at relatively low temperatures throughout the year (South Pole Spectacular at 8-10°C, North Pole Encounter at 15-17°C).

Today's Show Time

Animal Enrichment Interaction
Penguin Feeding

Come and meet the cute and lovable penguins. Watch these intelligent, playful birds get their daily fill of fish!

  • 11:30am
  • 3:15pm

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