Ocean Park Hong Kong

Special Circumstances & Weather Arrangement

  1. All programmes will continue as scheduled during the hoisting of Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 1 or amber rainstorm warning. Outdoor activities will be switched to indoor unless the situation allows for outdoor activities.
  2. Upon the hoisting of red or black rainstorm warning signal, Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.3 or above, or pre-warning thereof, all programmes will be cancelled.
Time 1) Red/black rainstorm signal
2) Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 3 or above
Programme Arrangement
2 hours before gathering time Issued All programmes cancel
  Lowered All programmes resume
After programme commences Issued
  • Red/black rainstorm signal or Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 3. is issued: All programmes will continue indoors.
  • When Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Pre-No. 8/ No. 8 or above is issued: Programmes will be cancelled immediately. Parents should pick up participants as soon as possible.
  1. The Hong Kong Education Bureau announces the suspension of schools, programmes will be arranged as follow:
  Junior Walkers,
Adventurous Walkers
(09:30 am - 12:30 pm)
Classes of AM and whole-day kindergartens are suspended Cancel
Classes of PM kindergartens are suspended Not applicable
Classes of all day schools are suspended Cancel


  1. When pre-warning thereof or Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.3 is issued before the programme time, all programmes will be cancelled. Parents should take the Walkers home even when they are on their way. We will arrange for staff to look after Walkers who might have already arrived.
  2. Instructors will contact parents in such cases during the programme period.
  3. The Park would make the following arrangements for the programmes of “Adventure Camp” that are decided to be cancelled by the Park:
    1. Cancelled programmes will not be postponed to the next programme day.
    2. Detailed refund arrangements will be sent to parents by email within 7 working days after the cancellation of a programme. Refund amount is to be rounded down to the nearest dollar.
    3. If the programme has been cancelled, the complimentary daytime admission ticket cannot be rescheduled, refunded or redistributed.
  4. All queries can be directed to the Ocean Park Discovery & Education Department hotline at (852) 3923-2323 (choose the language and then press [4]).