Ocean Park Hong Kong

Enrolment Guideline

Enrolment Procedures

Reminder: If parents have browsed the Ocean Park website before, it is suggested that you clear the browsing history to ensure smooth online enrolment.

    STEP 1: Choose programme date.
    STEP 2: Please check if the programme code, date and time are correct.
    STEP 3: Fill in participant's information.
    STEP 4: Fill in payment and contact person's details (including names, contact number and email), and select preferred credit card type.
    STEP 5: Payment. Fill in credit card information and pay for the programme; please note that the browser will switch to the verification service website.
    STEP 6: Completion. You will receive a confirmation letter via email once the payment has been confirmed. Please pay attention to the spam or junk mailboxes of your email account. Please print the confirmation letter or show the electronic version for verification on programme registration. 


    Please ensure that the credit card for payment has been duly activated for verification service through its card issuer before your enrolment.
    • A maximum of 3 transactions can be made per credit card per day. 
    • For better website experience, please avoid using Internet Explorer browser for the enrolment. 


    1. English name 
    2. Chinese name 
    3. Name to be addressed by instructor 
    4. Gender 
    5. Age 
    6. Living district 
    7. Emergency contact number 
    8. Is the participant allergic to certain food/objects/animals?
      If YES, please specify/ NO
    9. Does the participant have special medical condition or require special attention? 
      If YES, please specify/ NO 
    10. 1 to 2 pick-up parent’s or guardian’s name and contact number 
    11. Remarks 


    1. One application is for one participant and one programme only. 
    2. Reservation has to be made by online enrolment 3 days prior to the programme commencement. Enrolment is on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
    3. The selected programme code, date, time and participant’s name cannot be changed or rescheduled. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable. Parents should confirm the participant can attend the programme before enrolment, and fill in the enrolment form carefully. 
    4. Please read programme information before enrolment.