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Creative Communication & Drama Play (3-6 years old)

Confidence is a prerequisite for children to pursue their dreams, believe in themselves and pave their own unique path. Using Ocean Park’s unique learning environment of animal and entertainment role models, this course gives children the opportunity to develop an enthusiastic and energetic approach to life, confidence and self-esteem and increase skills in effective communication. Children, throughout the course, will work together to create a short performance with a focus on our animal world and take up roles to showcase to their parents. This 10-week course will be conducted in English (bilingual support when needed) by trained professionals using the Australian founded curriculum of Helen O'Grady<Learn more>

Key Features

  • Fun interactive learning environment:
    Using positive reinforcement, passionate educators will support and encourage children to develop confidence in their abilities and take on new challenges. 
  • Expressive communication:
    Children will learn communication is more than just words and be encouraged to use their facial and body language, tone and intonation and mime to express different emotions. 
  • Teamwork:
    Through improvisation, children will work together as a group and develop their end of course show. 
  • Creativity:
    High energy activities where there are several solutions to the same problem will help enhance problem-solving and creative thinking. 

    Class Rundown Sample

    *Note gathering time is 15 minutes prior to class.

    Estimated Time
    (Including walking time between different locations)
    Activities Venue
    10 min Introductory Activity – warm up children with a high energy level activity where there is no right or wrong but several solutions to the same problem thus enhancing confidence and creative thinking Park / Classroom
    10 min Speech line – support children in a fun way to develop their facial and vocal expressions leading to expressive communication Classroom
    10 min Movement – Mime focusing children on body movement and language and how they can listen and express different emotions without the use of words. Classroom
    25 min Improvisation – children work creatively together as a group including feeling confident with their peers and then their individual self-confidence. Classroom
    30 min Nature Exploration^
    (Animal exhibit/Nature environment/Back of House area)
    ^Each lesson over the 9-month course contains a unique animal element and corresponding lessons activities.
    Depending on the monthly theme
    5 min Conclusion – high energy wrap up of the class Classroom
    *Duration and sequence of activities are subject to change, depending on the monthly theme.

    Programme Details

    • English-led course by trained professionals using the well regarded Australian founded curriculum of Helen O’Grady.
    • Three Semesters each contain 10 lessons where children are encouraged to take on roles. Each semester concludes with a showcase for parents to view their children’s learning outcomes.
    • Regular class on Sunday only.
    • 1.5-hour class including travel within the park.
      Each Semester is uniquely themed and includes visits to the park's animals.
    • January 2021 – March 2021
    • Each semester with 10 lessons. (The Parent Presentation will be on the last lesson)
    Class duration 90 min (including walking time between different locations)
    Capacity* 12 children per class
    *The minimum number of participant would be 6 for each class.
    Staff to child ratio 1:6
    Language The programme will be conducted in English. Some activities will be led by our experienced local educators

    Note: Students receive a logbook where they can collect and record unique facts about the animals and environments they have visited. By the completion of the course, students will have a detailed record of their course to help consolidate learning and foster future research.


    Programme Fee Per Semester

    Price (per student)
    SmartFun Annual Pass members
    Enrolment starts on 30 November from 4:00 pm onwards
    Early bird discount for non-SmartFun Annual Pass members
    Enrolment starts on 30 November 2020 from 4:00 pm onwards until 3:59 pm on the 23 December 2020
    Non-SmartFun Annual Pass members
    Enrolment starts on23 December 2020 from 4:00 pm onwards


    Before enrolment, please read the “Other Terms and Conditions” and “Note to Parents”.

    • Enrolment of participants above 3-year-old can be made under a SmartFun membership (must be valid on the date of application and throughout programme period) to enjoy the privilege. 
    • Enrolment deadline: 7 days before each class commences.
    • Enrolment will be postponed for 1 day if the following circumstances happen at 12:00pm:
      • Black rainstorm warning issued by The Hong Kong Observatory. 
      • Tropical cyclone signal number 8 or above is hoisted by The Hong Kong Observatory;



    Please call (852) 3923 2323 (Please select the language after connecting, and press [4] to contact Ocean Park Discovery and Education Department).

    Information is subject to change without prior notice. In the event of a dispute, the decision of Ocean Park will be final.