Ocean Park Hong Kong

International Coastal Cleanup

International Coastal Cleanup 2014

Ocean Park has continuously demonstrated its undivided support to ocean conservation. Besides launching the “Blue Matters – Promoting Debris Free Oceans” campaign, the Park has also organised the International Coastal Cleanup for 11 consecutive years.

On 13th September, 70 volunteers from Ocean Park SmartFun Annual Pass holders, students and teachers from Kiangsu-Chekiang College (Kwai Chung) and staff helpers from Ocean Park went to the beach near Ocean Park to remove coastal trash. A total of 58 kg of trash was collected, such as plastic bags, plastic beverage bottles, foam and glass pieces. Foam pieces were the most common trash in the area. In addition, a two-meter long broken boat and a big oil tank were found. Ocean Park has informed Food and Environmental Hygiene Department to collect them after the event.

Marine debris causes bad impacts on marine animals and humans’ health. We hope everyone can play their part in protecting the ocean by doing simple and effective things in our everyday life, like bringing our own water bottles and cutlery when dining out. Let’s reduce the use of disposable plastic products to protect the ocean!

All volunteers were rewarded with certificates to appreciate their dedication of time and participation for supporting environmental protection.