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The Old Street of Hungry Ghosts 360 – Winner List

Thank you for your support! “The Old Street of Hungry Ghosts 360” concluded successfully!

The game answer is: 10 ghosts appeared in the picture of the Old Street of Hungry Ghosts.

Winners are as follows:
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Halloween 2019 Special Edition (Value: $7,998):
Sam Yick
Lacy Chong
Samsung Galaxy A60 Halloween 2019 Special Edition (Value: $2,498):
Ceci Lui
Ka Ming Yip
Ng Tse Lam
*Prizes are distributed on a random basis.
Winners will receive an email regarding prize redemption details within one week. Please be reminded to check your junk mailbox if the notification email is not found in the inbox folder.

If you have not received any notification email by 7 Nov 2019, please contact us by promotion@oceanpark.com.hk. Thanks again for participating in the above campaign. We look forward to your continued support in future campaigns!