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Mine Train

Adventure Land I Summit
Opening Time: 30 minutes after park opened until Summit closed
Apr 22 SUN
Apr 23 MON
Apr 24 TUE
Apr 25 WED
Apr 26 THU
Apr 27 FRI
Apr 28 SAT

Mine Train presented by SAMSUNG GEAR VR

The VR Mine Train opens up whole new vistas when you strap on a VR headset! Take a VR adventure through the rainforest, dive into the ocean and fly into the sky in seconds! Dash through urgent turns to avoid attacks from robotic machines! The roller coaster’s natural G-force adds to the thrill with wind effects that truly make you feel like you are soaring and plunging into the scenes you see.

Rules and Regulations in VR Mode
  1. The Gear VR should not be used by persons under age 13
  2. Guests with either of the following conditions are unfit to use Gear VR:
    pregnant, elderly, have psychiatric disorders, suffer from heart condition, other serious medical condition, or pre-existing binocular vision abnormalities, red-eye syndrome, other infectious eye diseases, epilepsy, dizziness
  3. All items that affect you to wear Gear VR safely, such as glasses or headdress, must be removed
  4. Please adjust the strap of VR Headgear to fit your face, if you need assistance, please raise your arm
  5. If you feel dizzy, do not take off Gear VR when the Mine Train is in motion. Please close your eyes until ride cycle completed
  6. Please remain seated after the ride cycle. And take off Gear VR according to staff instruction

Mine Train

With the sea at your side and 85 metres of nothingness below, the Mine Train hurtles you over one crazy peak to the next! Catch this runaway ride over half a kilometre of track at breakneck speed – to join a Wild West adventure like no other! Ocean Park’s craziest rollercoaster ride will leave you breathless and screaming into the horizon and back!

Rides' Requirement
122cm (48')

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