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Corporate Training Schemes

Teamwork is a crucial element to develop in any organisation in order to fully appreciate the talents and potential of your employees. A successful team-building programme can make all the difference in helping you achieve your goals together.

Ocean Park launched its signature Corporate Programmes in 2011. Incorporating the Park’s natural settings, animals and rides, these exclusive, high-quality programmes aim to motivate and increase cooperation within an organisation and between their employees. Ultimately, the training objectives will work towards fostering individual potential, enhancing teamwork, contributing to society and caring for our planet!

    Team Building Series

    Problem-solving – Explore Your Strengths with Your Teammates

    Problem-solving – Explore Your Strengths with Your Teammates

    "Ultimate Survival" Team-building Programme

    Our meticulously designed “Ultimate Survival” programme aims to enhance teamwork and communication skills through creative thinking, boosting team morale, building members’ sense of belonging and discovering their potential through an array of adventures. During the adventures, participants will work together to help solve a national crisis for a fictitious country.

    • Professional and inspirational training from an experienced trainer
    • Broaden staff’s horizons through learning about important global environmental issues
    • Ideal for large groups of participants as a corporate programme and cross-department training

    Duration: Minimum 4 Hours
    Capacity: 20 to 240 people

    "All of the outdoor training activities were interesting and innovative, and made ideal use of the Ocean Park’s unique facilities."

    Discover Your Role – Push Your Strengths to the Fullest

    Discover Your Role – Push Your Strengths to the Fullest

    "Pedal for Power” Team-building Programme

    Every organisation resembles a bike: it functions well only when every part is doing its job. In this programme, participants will collect bike parts scattered around the Park, assemble a bike, and put their team effort to the test by pedalling their bike to generate power. To complete this challenge, teams need thorough planning and close cooperation. Let this programme be a catalyst to building a higher performance team for a better future!

    • Strengthen team bonding by building effective communication
    • Put green living into practice by promoting renewable energy and the importance of energy conservation
    • Great for management and senior executives to explore their role in the team

    Duration: Minimum 4 Hours
    Capacity: 20 to 120 people

    "Ocean Park’s programme incorporates the Park’s unique features, for example the rides, exhibits and natural settings which you don’t get in other teambuilding programmes. The ‘Pedal for Power’ programme is highly flexible and capable of being adapted to suit our needs."

    Corporate Social Responsibility Series

    Act Now – Protect Our Earth Together

    Act Now – Protect Our Earth Together

    "Green Earth Volunteers" Corporate Partnering Programme

    Participating in green programmes not only enhances your staff’s environmental awareness, but also positively impacts our society. This programme consists of two core sessions. Participants will become “citizen scientists”, engaging in fun competitions to collect environmental data for research. They will also carry out volunteer services to spread environmental messages to Park guests and help protect our planet!

    • Add a valuable CSR chapter to your annual report while giving your staff experiences to last a lifetime
    • Raise your staff's environmental awareness and improve the efficiency of your green measures
    • Encourage employees to interact outside their usual setting in order to boost their communication skills and confidence

    Duration: 6 Hours
    Capacity: 20 to 100 people

    "Not a lot of corporate training firms are able to provide an action learning programme like we experienced in Ocean Park. It included unique schemes that promoted and enhanced communication in an engaging, practical way. Our ambassadors had everything they needed to grow as employees."

    Adventure Series

    Share the Fun - Build Team Spirit through Interactive Games

    Share the Fun - Build Team Spirit through Interactive Games

    "Shark Rescue” Adventure Programme

    Orienteering has become a hit on reality shows in recent years. Now your team can share the thrills and excitement at Ocean Park! In this programme, groups of participants will be tasked with an environmental mission and guided by their Hint Cards. Through a variety of interactive games, the programme will stimulate participants’ thinking and unleash their potential!

    • Great icebreaker for co-workers to let loose and build team spirit
    • All participants are welcome to bring their families and friends along to join this massive eco-friendly event
    • Promote a proactive and healthy lifestyle to create motivated teams

    Duration: 3 Hours
    Capacity: Minimum 100 people

    "The tailor-made activities aligned perfectly with our event’s objectives."

    A Deserving Reward

    Participants who have completed one of our team-building programmes can be awarded a certificate, while organisations can apply for a trophy to mark the feat – a testament to your team's excellence!

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