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Explorer R
Experience Hub


We are now calling out for curious explorers to join the Nature Guardians. Come on board the Explorer R invented by Redd the chief engineer, and enter a surrealistic simulation world to start your adventure journey! A great partner will accompany you on this journey—a unique AI SuperAnimal of your creation will assist you in accomplishing the missions at Explorer Stops. Together, you will fly high in the skies, dive deep into the seas, cross the glacier and travel through a rainforest, to test the adaptability of the AI SuperAnimal’s body parts in different environments, and discover the secrets of nature!

In-hub Experience
Avatar Sync

Get your own avatar with 3D scanning and step into the simulation world to explore nature!

Research Desk

Research the features of different animal body parts, and create an AI SuperAnimal that you believe will adapt best in the simulation world! Over 4,400 combinations of AI SuperAnimals can be built! Come design your own!

Simulation Field

Test your unique AI SuperAnimal at the Simulation Field, and find out the relationship between animals and natural environment!

Performance Check

Continue to test your AI SuperAnimal at the Performance Check on the upper floor, observe if it adapts to the simulated habitat, and analyse which body part combination performs best.

Explorer R mobile app

After completing the missions, you can download the Explorer R mobile app to extend the in-hub experience to the outdoors! Go on an expedition to collect animal treasures in the Whiskers Harbour and to continue to upgrade your AI SuperAnimal!


Explorer R Ticket#


Participants with valid
SmartFun Annual
Premium / Gold or Silver Pass

$90 / 96

Participants with valid
InFUNity^ Entry Pass

Ticket Price (per wristband*)
* One wristband for the experience of 2 participants:
Participant aged 3 to 11 must be accompanied by their parents or authorized guardians (aged 18 or above).
Participant aged 12 or above can enjoy the Explorer R on his/her own, or being accompanied by another participant aged 12 or above to enjoy a 45-minute gaming experience.
# The Explorer R ticket does not include Ocean Park’s admission ticket. All participants and their accompanying adult/guardian must hold a valid Park admission ticket on the day of visit.
^ Discount for InFUNity Entry Pass holders will be effective from the next day of purchasing the Pass if Pass holders purchase the admission ticket ONLINE.
Application Methods
Apply online OR apply in person at Ocean Park Ticketing Office, Main Entrance or Whiskers Harbour
Terms & Conditions
"Explorer R" Mobile App
Extend in-hub experience to outdoors!
Go on an expedition to collect animal treasure data in the Whiskers Harbour and to continue to upgrade your AI SuperAnimal!