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Exploring the Brand-New Dolphin Explorations


As the biggest and best nature playground in Hong Kong, Ocean Park is launching a whole new experience, Dolphin Explorations, to provide our visitors with more opportunities to close encounter dolphins and sea lions, get to know their daily lives and conservation tips, become an animal caretaker trainee, and learn about how the Park takes professional and loving care of them, as well as how to contribute to marine life conservation.

Dolphin Explorations provides a layered experience, which includes:

Marine Mammal Caretaking Workshop

The narrations and demonstrations from marine mammal caretaker will be focusing on different themes, first being animal caretaking, and later new ones, such as dolphin stranding and research on cetacean.


Marine mammal caretaker will introduce the characteristics of marine mammals, the body structure, husbandry, and training of dolphins and sea lions with demonstrations, such as teeth cleaning, temperature taking and blood sampling.  Visitors will also learn how they can reduce waste and protect Earth, the only home planet for animals, through combined efforts.

Poolside Walkthrough

Visitors can watch the dolphins up-close at the poolside as these adorable creatures swim and play happily.

Resting Area

Visitors can enjoy tasty snacks and drinks while watching conservation videos at the semi-covered resting area, facing the picturesque South China Sea—a delightful energy boost for both body and soul!
*No eating or drinking in the resting area is allowed due to current COVID situation.

Programme Schedule*

Monday to Friday: 12:00, 15:30, 17:00
Saturday and Sunday: 11:30, 14:00, 15:30, 17:30

*Please refer to daily schedule for the latest programme time.