Ocean Park Hong Kong

International Extravaganzas

Caribbean Summer Parade @Aqua City

Exuberant Parades Day & Night!

The simmering fun of the Caribbean has come to Aqua City! A massive collection of international performers dressed in spectacular animal-themed costumes follow the pulsating beat forward, while stilt walkers and giant animal puppets greet visitors—so be sure to respond! In the evening, the parade lights up! With their special ensemble of glowing and glittering costumes, the performers invite you and your family to dance through the night! Take lots of photos with this Caribbean extravaganza—a grand spectacle unlike any other—in the sun and beneath the moonlight!

*In case of bad weather, the parade location will be moved to inside Applause Pavilion.

    [Exciting Technically-difficult Stunts] Viva Spectacular @Applause Pavilion

    For those craving the feel of the Caribbean, the cultural variety show in Applause Pavilion is your destination with out-of-this-world performers!

      [Visual and Music Wonder] Aqua Kaleidoscope @Ocean Theatre

      Take in the world-class synchronised swimming performances at Ocean Theatre!