Ocean Park Hong Kong
All you need for a pleasurable trip to Ocean Park.

Health Advice for Ocean Park Visit

  1. Guests should seek medical advice and take rest if they have flu-like illness and visit Ocean Park when health condition is improved.
  2. Face masks and alcohol pads are available to guests at the following locations:
    • Entrance / Exit of exhibits and rides;
    • First Aid Posts;
    • Guest Relations Counters;
    • Hygiene Stations; and,
    • Security Control Point.
  3. Guests who are feeling unwell should seek help from First Aid Posts or Hygiene Stations
  4. Guests who are feeling unwell while in the Park should use face masks immediately and refrain from further activities in the Park, and are advised to seek medical advice.
  5. Guests should maintain good personal hygiene at all time:
    1. Do not touch your mouth, nose and eyes;
    2. Cover your mouth & nose when coughing or sneezing;
    3. Disposing of soiled tissue paper promptly into rubbish bin;
    4. Wash hands frequently with soap and water or rub hands with disinfection gel.
  6. There are Hygiene Stations and Hand Sensitizers provided in the Park to facilitate guests in maintaining good personal hygiene.
  7. Park’s facilities are regularly cleaned and disinfected. There are also Disinfection Carpets at the entrances and exits of all exhibits to safeguard the health of guests.