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Animal Month – In High Definition “Connecting YOU with Chicks, Pups, Calves, and More!” Ocean Park Uncovers Interesting Stories of Animal Babies & Teaches Kids How to Care for Giant Panda Cubs


(Hong Kong, 8 April 2013) With the breeding season of the cuddling giant pandas Ying Ying and Le Le quickly approaching, Ocean Park is organising the Panda Caring Workshop during Animal Month – In High Definition (From now until May 5) to train up star nannies for the park’s giant panda cubs. The “little keepers” will learn how to measure the weight and size of giant panda cubs, test the safety of their toys, as well as gain a better understanding of this enigmatic species and the steps we can take to ensure their survival in the wild. 

In addition to giant pandas, guests will have a chance to learn about the unique life journey of other species at Animal Breeding Showcase. Upon arriving at the Reptile and Insect World, guests will meet yellow-footed tortoises and red-eyed tree frogs and, through various interactive games, learn about their amazing transformations during different stages of growth. At the Egg Zone, guests can learn which animals lay eggs and how they differ from one another. Proceeding to the Bird Zone with interactive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) games, guests can try to match baby birds with their respective parents – they might even get a surprise encounter with green-winged macaws and Eurasian eagle owls. Moving to the Talk Show with Tux, the Park’s penguin mascot will explain the birth process of penguin chicks to guests. At Marine World, guests will encounter spotted wobbegongs, bangal cardinalfish and nautilus, animals which can be found at different depths of the marine environment, as well as appreciate the unique life cycle of moon jellies. 

During Animal Month, guests can participate in one of several exclusive Animal Nursery Tours at various animal care facilities, including those at the Grand Aquarium, the Rainforest, Polar Adventure and Amazing Asian Animals, by making a donation of HK$30 or above. Participants will be able to learn about the breeding and care of different species, such as corals, penguins and other birds, giant pandas and sea jellies. Animal keepers will share their experience of nursing newly born animals. All proceeds from the tours will benefit Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong in support of wildlife conservation in the region. A heartwarming dance show – Groovy Love Story will also be staged at Old Hong Kong to offer guests a fun-filled educational experience. (For details on Animal Nursery Tours, please refer to http://easter.oceanpark.com.hk/en/#/tours)