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The Brand New Little Meerkat and Giant Tortoise Adventure is Coming Soon Ocean Park Invites Public to Name Three Hong Kong-born Meerkat Pups


Since their arrival at Ocean Park last year, five meerkats have found their new home with 15 new meerkat pups being born in the Park. Starting from July, visitors will be able to meet all 20 meerkats and two Aldabra giant tortoises at the new animal exhibit, Little Meerkat and Giant Tortoise Adventure.
The meerkat triplets born on 27 February are the latest additions to the family and the Park would like to invite the public to vote for their names on the Park’s official Facebook page. The naming poll will run from today to 28 June (ends at 6 pm), with the results being announced on 29 June.
The three meerkat triplets have different personalities, one vocalises frequently, another is more attached to the keepers, while the third one is more of an introvert who tends to stick with the older meerkats in the mob. Based on their features and personalities, the Park has proposed three sets of names for the meerkats as below:
Selections Names Meaning
Option 1 Magic
This selection was inspired by their mother’s name, Mata – all three names start with an “M”: Magic represents the amazement of life, Mirror symbolises the solidarity within the mob, and the name Mochi portraits their fluffy appearance.
Option 2 Puffy
This set is inspired by three popular local snacks as the meerkats were born in Hong Kong. Their fluffy appearance shares similarities with the selected local food and also highlights the unique culture of the city.
Option 3 Charles (Milk tea with condensed milk)
Jeff (Black coffee)
Yan (Coffee with tea)
This set of names is the transliteration of popular local beverages, which are all local cultural icons that share a similar colour with the meerkats’ fur.
The public will be able to vote for their favourite set of names using emojis, with the most popular set becoming the official names of the three meerkat pups. For more information, please visit the official Facebook page of Ocean Park.