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Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival for a Great Cause: Join the World's Largest Swimming Lesson™ at Water World Ocean Park


Water World Ocean Park will proudly serve as the first Hong Kong host for the global sensation World’s Largest Swimming Lesson™ (WLSL) on Thursday 22 June 2023, the Dragon Boat Festival.
This thrilling event, globally organised by the World Waterpark Association, will host thousands of participants in different cities on the same day to raise awareness about the crucial importance of teaching children to swim and prevent drowning.
Making waves for water safety
Research shows formal swimming lessons between ages one and four can reduce the risk of drowning by a whopping 88%. Your Water World community is not just passionate about fun; we're all about safety too. The WLSL initiative has already empowered more than 354,000 little swimmers and grown-ups worldwide with life-saving water safety skills. Together, we can spread the vital message that learning to swim is just as crucial to overall safety as wearing a helmet while cycling or fastening a seat belt when travelling by car.
Dive into the WLSL with our aquatic aces!
To make waves alongside tens of thousands of participants worldwide, just grab your Water World admission ticket and register onsite for free to join a splash-tacular swimming lesson with interactive moments led by Water World’s aquatic team at Horizon Cove on 22 June between 2pm and 3pm while quota lasts. During the lesson, children and parents can learn basic swimming techniques and practical water self-rescue skills. Participating splashers will receive a WLSL certificate to commemorate their collaborative effort in promoting water safety.
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For a limited time only, you and a friend can enjoy all the excitement and adventure of Water World at an unbeatable price with our 2CanGo Weekday Admission Ticket offer, launched jointly with Klook and Trip.com. This deal covers every day from Monday to Friday, including the WLSL event day of 22 June. Get your tickets now at Klook and Trip.com!

From learning basic life-saving skills to embracing the thrill of the water, Water World is here to create unforgettable experiences that will make a lasting impact. WLSL participants have sent the message Swimming Lesson Save Lives™ to billions. Now, we invite you to join us in sharing this important message with as many kids and adults as possible this summer!