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Come to Ocean Park Halloween Bash on 31 October


Come Watch Ocean Park’s Reality Show –
The Final Round of Hell’s Next Top Model and
Master Szeto’s Spooky Talk Show

(30 October 2009 – Hong Kong) The ever-popular Ocean Park Halloween Bash is reaching its hair-raising climax tomorrow on Halloween night (31 October) as Ocean Park hosts the Final Round of Hell’s Next Top Model and Master Szeto’s Spooky Talk Show.

Hell’s Next Top Model was held at the Ocean Park Halloween Bash every Saturday from 26 September. On 31 October 8:15-8:45pm, the seven finalists will congregate at Tai Shue Wan Plaza to vie for the top prize. Take your pick from the likes of “Balloon Man”, “Sadoko”, “Naruto” and “Teenage Ghost Groom”. Master Szeto and Ocean Park’s makeup and wardrobe team from Hollywood will form the judging panel.

Following this will be Master Szeto and his Spooky Talk Show with spine-chilling local ghost-lore galore from 9:30 to 10:00pm.

The closing night of Ocean Park Halloween Bash is 1 November. This year, we have 404 ghouls and goblins breaking loose in over 20 horror attractions which include 8 brand new haunted houses, 3 new Scary Zones and 13 popular freaky shows. Guests can buy tickets at www.halloweenbash.com.hk or Ocean Park’s ticketing offices at the Main Entrance and Tai Shue Wan, and at 7-ELEVEN convenience store brances located in the MTR, and other specified stores.

For details on Ocean Park Halloween Bash, please visit www.halloweenbash.com.hk.

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