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Giant Panda Ying Ying Confirmed Not Pregnant


Ocean Park confirms that Ying Ying, the Park’s resident giant panda, is not pregnant this year despite having displayed some typical pregnancy symptoms such as decreased appetite, increased rest time and hormonal changes since mid-July. These symptoms started to diminish in August, and Ying Ying’s hormonal levels and behaviours returned to normal in September. Based on recent ultrasound scan results and a detailed review with experts from the China Conservation and Research Centre for Giant Panda in Wolong, it is confirmed that Ying Ying has had a pseudo-pregnancy.
Whether pregnant or not, mature female giant pandas may display typical pregnancy symptoms after their oestrous cycle, and pregnancy confirmation can only be detected by ultrasound scan earliest 14 to 17 days before the birth of a giant panda cub. Ocean Park will continue to work closely with experts from China Conservation and Research Centre for Giant Panda to provide the best husbandry care for giant pandas under its care, and look forward to welcoming the Park’s first giant panda cub in the future.