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Meet the Stingrays at Ocean Park Animal Month - In High Definition Must-See Event of the Year for Earth-Conscious Fun and Wildlife Conservation, featuring Ocean Theatre Debut Sea Dreams! and HK's first Stingray Encounter & More!


(5 March 2008 - Hong Kong) For a limited period from 21 March to 20 April, there is only one place in Hong Kong where you can walk in water with stingrays swimming around you… Only one place in Hong Kong will host Southeast Asia’s largest collection of frogs – from the tiny, the ugly, to the most colourful. And only one place in Hong Kong will offer you the chance to dine in the company of lively frogs, pandas, and stingrays. This place can only be - Ocean Park Hong Kong.

Ocean Park chairman, Dr. Allan Zeman, said, “There’s no place like Ocean Park, where guests can literally be touched by the wonders of nature. Spring is about life, so for Ocean Park Animal Month - In High Definition, we will dedicate ourselves to animals, and to reinforce all our ongoing conservation messages through intimate encounters with our animal ambassadors.”

There will be plenty of animal action and energy all over the Park at the Ocean Park Animal Month - In High Definition. At Tai Shue Wan's Marine Xplore!, there is a pool filled with stingrays and guests can walk in the water with these magnificent creatures, a first in Hong Kong.

“This will be an experience of a life time, and it will be available only during the event period,” Dr Zeman said. Guests need only to donate $40 or more to Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong, to enjoy this sensational experience. They will be given a wader to enter the stingray pool, where they can gently feel the stingrays swimming around them. Guests may also opt to feed the stingrays for a $20 donation, while viewing can be enjoyed free of charge.

Also only at Ocean Park will be Sand-tastic Creations, Hong Kong's debut sand sculpture exhibit featuring Ted Siebert, World Champion sculptor and Lead Sculptor of the world-renowned Sand Sculptures Company. Along with his team, Ted has set seven world records for the tallest and longest sand sculptures, duly noted in the Guinness Book of World Records. These award-winning sculptors will use 200 tonnes of sand to create striking portraits of animal icons, right in front of our guests' eyes.

“There will be some sand sculpture surprises in stored for our guests, so be sure to make a date with Ocean Park!” said Dr. Zeman. There will also be an area dedicated to guests with a flair for creating their own sand artifacts, working right next to Mr. Siebert and his team. Sand-tastic Creations is at Tai Shue Wan.

Next up are the beautiful sea stars, rare horseshoe crabs, and spiky sea urchins at the Invertebrates Touch Pool, where guests can interact with these "spineless" marvels and find out the remarkable roles they play within our planet's biodiversity. Over at Coral Exhibits, guests can immerse into the breathtaking colours and surreal beauty of live corals, with around 300 specimens of 50 coral species filling the massive reef tank. Right across, an Interactive Play Zone will be lined with high-tech fun and games, an animal hand painting corner, recyclable art displays, and more.

Up at the Headland, the Park will coincide the launch of Animal Month with the debut of Sea Dreams!, an all new show at the re-modelled Ocean Theatre, created by a US team comprising Oscar-winning composer, Peter J. Lehman, and Daniel Burzlaff, a veteran theme park show producer from Utopia Entertainment Inc., and featuring the Park’s resident dolphins and sea lions. Sea Dreams! will be a regular attraction, and promises to be an inspirational aquatic adventure with a touching narrative and powerful original soundtrack themed on the peaceful co-existence of humans and animals.

At the Lowland Cable Car Plaza, guests can meet the intriguing Spotted Big Eye Tree Frog, Woodhouse Toad, Jade Dwarf Horned Frog, and altogether more than 70 exotic amphibious species from around the world at Frog Fascination, the largest-ever gathering of amphibians in Southeast Asia!

The Park also presents once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to physically interact with precious animals through the exclusive Honorary Animal Keeper, Marine Land Ed-Venture, and Dining with the Wonderkind. These include the Stingray Exploration with Meal Programme*, offering guests a chance to experience at close range the gracefulness of stingrays, and learn about their fascinating habits over a refreshing breakfast. Similar meal programmes will be offered at Frog Fascination, as well as the Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat, where An An, Jia Jia, Ying Ying and Le Le simply cannot wait to welcome new friends to join them at their bamboo breakfast!

Due to the overwhelming popularity of the Honorary Sea Lion Keeper Programme and the Honorary Giant Panda Keeper Programme, guests should act fast to secure a place for the unique hands-on experience as a caretaker for the adorable animal ambassadors and enjoy exceptional photo opportunities with them. Details can be found at http://www.oceanpark.com.hk/opam08/en/index.html.

Last but not least, guests can enjoy Marine Land Ed-Venture tours with education specialists through the back of house at Pacific Pier, Shark Aquarium, and Atoll Reef, for an unseen glimpse into the lives of the resident animals. Further edu-tainment fun is available at Kids' World, where younger guests can sign up for arts and crafts and learn about fascinating animal and conservation facts at Green Earth Academy.

“All the attractions and encounter experiences for Ocean Park Animal Month - In High Definition are for a limited time only. Bookings will be taken starting from today, so act now and don’t miss out on a Hong Kong original!” Dr. Zeman said. *

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About Ocean Park
Ocean Park is Hong Kong’s unique homegrown theme park with a heritage of delivering family fun and fond memories. Since its opening in January 1977 as a non-profit organization, Ocean Park has developed itself to be a world-class attraction connecting people with nature, and recognized for its animal husbandry, research and relationship with the community. Over 85 million people have visited Hong Kong's premier park since its inception and Ocean Park has remained committed to offer adults and children experiences that blend entertainment with education and conservation.